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Friday, April 20, 2018

"How Valuable is My Knowelege about GSE and Thyme"? A Real List Of The Worthless or Harmful Antiparasitics I Went Through, I'm Serious, I'm More of a Comic! 

In a Way, Thyme.. It solved the first type of parasite first, but not hookworm with the itching for years more. While it has some use, it's not for all use..

Horrible. Didn't work.

Same for Paraban

Selzin Blue 
Junk for Parasites


Clove This Livestrong Site (Click Here or see link below) says cloves at high doses used to stop parasites can cause severe toxiocity including liver and kidney damage.

Oregano Oil Livestrong Says Here (or see below) that Oil Of Oregano cause severe toxicity to liver, kidneys and nervous system.

 80$ and it worked for a bit, like three days, then the itching resumed. It's for one time use only, or the parasite gets resistance. It was quite uncomfortable, not a problem either for thyme or GSE.

Parentel Pamoate..Worthless and what power it had might be used in making the parasite more resistant, one time only, didn't work.

Fennel, Slippery Elm, Black Walnut.. These are some of the ingredients you see in formulas like Swanson Paraban. While I'm a major fan of Swanson Health for 1000 years alive yet, they are sometimes "wrong" about value. These herbs can cause hormone damage, all three influence hormones in random ways. Apparently word got around that black walnut and cloves (liver and kidney damage with cloves, hormone damage with walnut) and these other herbs are viable (not for some parasites they certainly aren't) by way of the "research" of Hulda Clark. Wormwood (which causes nerve damage unlike thyme which is useful for the valuable but limited use it has, even so both are addictive) fennel and black walnut are all in the Paraban formula, and somehow Hulda Clark got the idea they helped much with parasites. Hulda Clark was an alt health practitioner who apparently was promoting alternative health cures for cancer, and then she died eventually of cancer. While this isn't a disproof of all of Hulda Clark's ideas since doctors in conventional medicine kill 50% of people with  cancer by the treatment, I know personally that Paraban doesn't work and it causes harm. GSE and short term /low dose thyme have worked wonders for me. Remember, You Won't Have to Try Any of These if GSE and Thyme are of worth for you as They Were For Me..

Zinc.. Not recommended for long term use by professionals. Cheap but I couldn't well tolerate a formula like zinc gluconate. So I started with pumpkin seed oil, which has zinc, comfort in reach yet far from being a "super antiparasitic, quite effective" against parasites, sure, it mildly reduced the itching. While zinc "Hugely Reduces Angina", and it's of real worth for prostatitis, it wasn't of much worth at any rate about the parasites.

8$ from Walmart, called "AllStop", while good for eczema, I'd call it Some Stop! Claims to cleanse out skin deep down for eczema and it uses safer anionic surfactants which are safe at any rate it seems.

Garlic...Like Diatomaceous Earth, garlic has many values for general good health. For me it had not much influence influence on parasites, other than the garlic burp. And as a flavor it's not my favorite for long term use that is of not much worth for parasites once you have them. It builds up general power against the parasites but it wasn't nearly powerful enough to finish it off. The severe itching continued till the time of GSE.

Diatomaceous Earth.. For small doses only, and for me it was nowhere near as good as GSE and thyme as used above. However Diatomaceous Earth has had a long and safe record of value as in agriculture, and has many uses for health including as an insecticide, see my post below for why and how to use DE for an insecticide around the house for safety and value. I have no ants, dust mites or spiders, without huge constant washing. While DE and Dawn/baking soda to remove dander around the house is almost as easy as putting just a bit of DE around the door is an easy way to remove almost all insects 100%, for use internally its not as simple because it also absorbs out prescriptions or OTC's in a way like bentonite clay. While I've found the absorption by clay or DE tolerable and mild, use with caution, and not at all if you have lifesaving prescriptions.

Carrots.. While foods in general like alkalizing foods increase defense against parasites by e.g. boosting immunity, they seemed to have little direct influence on my problem even after months or years.

Coconut Oil... Same as above.

Pineapple/Bromelain Most eat pineapple all the time, and most have parasites...

Papaya/papayian (enzyme) Web Md says it's not for use externally or internally! What does this leave? It causes severe throat or stomach damage when taken internally and is not for contact with the skin. Click Here or see link below for the WebMd cautions site, or faster yet, I've taken GSE and saved you on R and D.

Shampoo.. A way to poison skin, this is how the skin might be damaged, allowing in the parasites most have. It really inflames the hookworm when I tried first to damage it and I first realized it was a parasite ages ago before I found the Dawn/Baking soda method as a safer cheap body wash, the problem is removed with GSE and thyme. For a safe cheap shampoo I also use Dawn dishwashing liquid (anionic surfactants) perhaps with a bit of baking soda to much boost the antidander power for hairwash. To finish with Dawn after I wash each AM I use vinegar, makes a valuable rinse for the "shampoo" wash.

Monday, April 16, 2018


Two Antiparasitic Herbs That Actually Work and Without The Horrible Side Effects, Why I Consider them "Safe" or "Safer" than Most If Used As Directed....

  Here's Why These Herbs Worked For Me, and What Didn't (Lots Of Antiparasitic Herbs Recommended by alt Health "practitioners" cause Nerve, Hormone Damage or Worse, and THEY DON'T EVEN WORK. Antiparasitics Sold by Some Vendors can be as bad as parasites!.)..

DISCLAIMER This Site is for information only and isn't designed to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. See Your Health Care Professional Before Making and Changes In Diet or Lifestyle..Be Sure To Read Entire Post Before You Decide, It May Be Some Contents are Not Caused By Your Familiarity Yet!

Have you had it with harmful "Antiparasite Formulas?" I went through perhaps 20 of these, and I found two OTC herbs that work. Many of the antiparasitic "solutions"  are aweful! Or they just don't work. For example Swanson Health Paraban contains wormwood  which causes nerve damage. Other "formulas" like it like "LifeTree" have REAL discomfort, and it says on the bottle the recommended use is for months, should I wait or no? I wonder. In addition many of the herbs used in formulas like this have interacting hormone influence, meaning they damage your hormone system if you took them long enough to kill the parasite. Worse, they didn't have even much influence on the parasite like reducing the itching I had.


You may know about thyme. If you got a herb wrap at Xmas it wasn't a real "waist of thyme!" I tried thyme and it indeed removed a shoulder parasite in days, inflammation like a round line, and you're probably wrong if you think thyme is all there is to it. Thyme isn't for long term use or at higher dose. There are 1000s of types of parasites, and most people have them these days, so chances are thyme isn't enough.  I found this out like in 10 years as the itching continued for the other parasite after more "thyme had passed" and it became severe. At first you may be unaware because parasites are good at hiding out from you inside and it's important to remove them because they can cause serious harm, or even death. Other than thyme, nothing seemed to work  till I tried Grapefruit Seed Extract, GSE.


Grapefruit Seed Extract, GSE is from a tropical plant, we lived in the tropics for millions of years before fire when our ancient relatives were in the marathon of the health and wellness store. Disease other than parasites was virtually absent in living evolution and most life lived in the tropics where there was a constant battle between the parasites and other life, and the trees want to increase the range by the animals eating the seeds or camoflage, so as you'd expect if the plants do well and other life may also, some of the most powerful antiparasitic herbs are from the tropics.

GSE works for hookworm and other parasites. It takes only a bit. If you're uncomfortable with e.g. fatigue because of the parasite dying off you can lower the dose, it works powerfully over even months even at low doses. Even so you may have to continue for a month or more to completely resolve the problem and the parasite has gone through the complete life cycle..


Grapefruit Seed Extract can cause allergy and while it's good for other uses, e.g. ezcema, sinusitis or antibiotic resistant UTIs, it also changes the absorption of many prescription drugs and OTC's by way of the cytochrome P450 liver pathway, meaning it can increase the side effects of many other drugs or herbs sometimes in dangerous ways. So see your doctor before taking GSE if you are taking any other OTCS or prescriptions.  GSE is like a perscription, and it may not be right for all uses. For me at any rate, and this may not work for others since all health situations are special, use of GSE only on skin seems to bypass more of the liver influence. Even so this may also reduce the GSE influence on internal parasites, and would seem to have more limited use against parasites than if used internally. For some taking perscriptions, DGE on skin may be the best overall. 

Cautions For Thyme

Thyme is a member of the thuja family, like wormwood (artemesium). Wormwood is promoted by many in alt health as a cancer cure, and while it's considerably anticancer, it also stirs up the hornet's nest and causes metastasis without shutting down most of the cancer. 2/3rds of cancer prescription drugs cause more cancer like this, even so wormwood also causes nerve damage making it also unsuitable for high enough doses to be of real worth against cancer itself.  While as you may know from eating food like restuarant dishes, thyme at low dose has reduced harm for neural health unlike wormwood, even so thyme and wormwood are addictive. Like many of the impressionists, it's believed Van Gough may have been addicted to thyme, and it causes problems much like alcohol addiction with the damage, this is why I mentioned above about why thyme is for short term low dose use only. I found that common like culinary levels of thyme worked fine, and then I was finished with it for the parasite. You don't need a high dose to kill the type of parasites thyme removes. By way of this idea you don't want to buy thyme essential oil since it's much more concentrated and this may increase the risk of addiction.

This isn't a complete list of side effects for thyme or GSE. See your doctor...

How I used GSE and Thyme

Thyme is easy to use I just chewed some and added some to skin where needed.

For GSE, I used an 8 ounce transparent snap top mustard bottle and use one cap of GSE in water. To use shake well, and just put your finger in and then apply the GSE to your skin and repeat as many times as you like to remove the parasite in a week or two. For hygiene, use another bottle of GSE for like internal use if you use it for other areas.. For safety be sure to label all OTCs with labels or permanent marker on masking tape..


First Here's a Simple List of All The herbs and methods I tried. If you just realize they don't work, you can skip my review.. When I read a Show I close my eyes if I want to be brave!

Simple List; 



Seltzin Blue


Clove Oregano Mebendazole

Parental Pamoate

Fennel, Slippery Elm, Black Walnut

Zinc, Mitactin, Garlic

Diatomaceous Earth


Coconut Oil, 

Pineapple, Papaya,


Why They Didn't Work/Complete List (What Not To Take if You Have Parasites. Why All the methods or herbs on the Above either Don't Work or Are Aweful, Cause Damage, etc. While this is archival and I'm done with this list Click Here for the unabridged version if you'd like. The good news is you may not have to go through these methods if GSE and thyme work for you as well as they have for me.)

I'm taking several OTC herbs (one is GSE not several!) and the interaction via cytochrome 450 seems viable if at low dose over a month or so so far, then it may be a complete parasite cure. Even so there are lots of prescriptions that are proven to interact with GSE so see your doctor before use.

Here's the link to the Cautions About Cloves LIVESTRONG Site

Oregano Oil Livestrong Cautions Link

Webmd Cautions for papaya, click here

Thursday, July 20, 2017

3 Simple Easy Cheap Safer "More Permanent" Steps To Remove 99% of  Pests Like Ants, Dust mites..(..and 16 more Common "Household Problems" by The Same Simple Methods..)

NO CONSTANT WASHING AND SPRAYING TO e.g remove Dust Mites, Cheap, Simple, SAFER, Mostly Natural, and MOSTLY MECHANICAL, and  Most of The Battle You Win!   

Plus, The Best Way I've Seen To Stop Mice if Needed..

Here I want to share what I've found in 30 or more years of research, much by trial and error, but real ways to achieve the headline above. Even so this may not work for you or even be harmful to some. Be sure to read and understand my Disclaimer CLICK HERE, or see link below.



Baking soda and dish washing liquid combo. The baking soda much improves the antidander power of the anionic surfactant in the diswashing detergent. Since soap needs water, I disperse the Dawn dish washing liquid in a spray jug 1/to2 soap to water. The soap spray is already recommended on the web for stopping ants; combining it with the baking soda stops dust mites at the source, chews up the dander so the mites have no food and leave, and since spiders eat the mites the spiders also go.

Baking soda/water/Dawn is also great for dander in upholstery or blue jeans, try some and you may agree. (If once doesn't completely remove the dander from your jeans try it more. This is the toughest dander problem I've seen and nothing else works at any rate, and for skin it cleanses dander well and it's presumably safe.)

I use the dishwashing soap and baking soda as a cheap body wash and for washing hair etc. (For hairwash vinegar after the soap is great rinse.)  Dawn/baking soda makes a great cheap laundry soap and removes more dander than soap by far. The word for soap comes from the word for salt and adding baking soda to the Dawn boosts it a lot. I tried about 30 methods before these were in reach. I tried e.g. washing in hot baths just made it worse by the inflammation, more heat and moisture for it, baking soda, no result but great weathermaps in the rain in August! I tried like Selzin Blue, separating my sock from my leg with spacers etc. And with body wash which is much more expensive than the spray soap, and I got nothing. Removing dander is important for eczema since 97% who have eczema also have staph bacteria, and this removes much of the food source, reducing the eczema. Control food and you control much. 


While it might seem enough, removing the dander is often not enough for eczema,  as with CFS. Excema can cause severe itching if left untreated. (It can even change into a supergerm.). By good luck I was using candle wax in hopes of reducing noise where I live (it's quite good for this with ear stops in to stop spot, and you don't have to eat lard sandwiches and wait for 3 weeks for more earwax as some sites say. (I tie the earstops around my shoulders with a sewn loop so I'm ready for noise or just keep it in my ear for constant golden silence, my ears say AHHH..)). 

  Like many with CFS I'd had otititis, this I presume is about staph with the same itching, and I noticed the wax stopped the itching in a few days, the otitis is almost cured. I passed it off as unnoticed luck until I realized it was real. So I'd also had the skin itching in general and itching around my nose and mouth, and I tried it here and sure enough for the first time in 20 years the eczema stopped. I would think this would be because it shuts off the oxygen supply and the staph perishes. I'd been using baking soda almost since the 80's or the 1880's when it was found it may be used as an effective way to control underarm odor, and I realized baking soda has some limitations. It dries out your derma much and if you put it under your arm to stop the odor it falls down and loses power. It's of no worth e.g for drying or remove foot odor since as with use between your legs it causes lots of moisture not reduced. For some reason it doesn't over load your arm with rain, the right of bare arms in a heatwave!

 So I tried candle wax under may arms and between my legs and it works just fine. It's effective for 5-10 times longer than other methods, even with heavy exercise. I use just cheap candles with soft wax from the discount store. One good thing is to make the room smell good, these candles often have a strong odor of their own. 

Note that many candles have carcinogens in them and you want to perhaps find a pure source of wax. I just changed to the other brand, but you may not have a way to know without research if this is safe. Bees wax? Don't know what kind of  wax is used in soft candles, stearic acid (beef fat) perhaps. I looked it up and this site says it's parrafin, when burned at least, it's more toxic than indoor smoke from cigarrettes. (Wellness Mamma, Click Here or see Link Below) Wellness Mamma then recommends beeswax candles!

REVIEW I tried this like for an earstop and it's a completely different idea chemically, so often is so!

Thus to use candle wax I combine it with clay and water, clay is a wonderous detoxifier, it cleans heavy metals and they even used it for radiation, tons of clay were used a Chernobyl in Russia. 

Using candle wax on my skin hydrates it real well and almost stopped the flaking skin. Vaseline may be best since they've removed all the harmful stuff and it may act like safe parafin.

NOTE if you have CFS or are tired like most, this may be curable (mine is cured!) by Avemar, a super immune booster combined with other methods; (Click Here, or see this link below for why and how to dramatically improve your CFS in a few days (with Activive, and Avemar which also control/cures cancer and has won the Nobel prize) and then also perhaps cure CFS with Avemar.). 80% of the general population is believed to have parasites and almost 100% of (Persons With CFS) PWC's also. 70-75% of parasites are outside the GI. So if you remove skin parasites you may stop most. You may say, you "had this before and I removed it with e.g. thyme, it's a strong antaparisitic, right?" I had this idea before but there are thousands of types of parasites, so while thyme may remove some this is not usually all the improvement you may want. I removed a shoulder parasite years ago and thyme is only of use for short term/low dose since it's addictive and has severe symptoms reminiscent of alcohol addiction. It's believed some of the impressionists like Van Gough were addicted to thyme.

I found I had other parasites when severe itching started here after 13 years of mild itching. Hookworm stays near the skin, and as with eczema, candle wax shuts off the oxygen. Hookworm doesn't burrow deep, so it depends on external oxygen, and this is why it wants the host to scratch. And this is why candle wax can be so powerful against hookworm as against ezcema.

Other methods I've found that cure parasites are grapefruit seed extract GSE, as you would expect since a branch wants to look like a tweeting.www without a bleep! to save them from predators in evolution since the tweets help promote the tree by eating the seeds and moving the family of the forest 100 miles. So too since while in living evolution disease is almost completely absent except for parasites, in the tropics you expect to find strong antiparasitic plants since most life is in the tropics and it helps the plant in the same way as the above in our war on the parasites in evolution. Unlike compounds such as mebendazole that have bad side effects, GSE is non toxic and needs only a low dose over months to stop the parasite. GSE is also of real value for eczema, untreatable UTI's, and sinusitis. Another method like for eczema I've used is Mictactin Allstop from Walmart for 8 dollars. It like Dawn has (more patented) surfactants that seem safe that clean much deeper to kill parasites and other problems by deep cleaning that washing won't reach. Remove the food and much is improved.

Click Here or See Link Below for My Antiparasite page.

When you apply the candle wax it's semi solid, so I scrape out some from the jug with the spoon and with bit I rub it back and forth as if with a bit of chalk holding it in my hand with grip.

  This may be a good bath substitute if you have CFS since it reduces odor for days without the huge shock on blood pressure and blood sugar this often involves and for many with low blood sugar like with CFS it can be fatal. And as I say you can try Dawn from the spray jug and baking soda also, which isn't nearly so much shock.  


 In addition to removing mites and spiders by removing dander as above, I also use Diatomaceous Earth, DE. You may have heard of diatoms small silica based animals that lived millions of years ago. After the sea dried up and the erosion made the silica super sharp edged it can cut up bacteria but not your own cells since they're smaller. And also DE (only food grade is safe) cuts into the outside of any animal like dust mites, ants with an exoskeleton, and they then dry up and die of the lack of water. 

I used DE dissolved in water on my skin (the dry powder causes nose and lung irritation, and isn't advised. Long term exposure to silica dust can cause permanent problems like bronchitis, so I use the minimum amount, soak in water to make silica "mud" and I constantly move away from the silica jug like when I use the powder to brush my teeth or etc. this way I'm more "downwind"of the dust. You can also use a fan like the stove ventilator fan.). DE may have been what removed the mites, and thus the spiders at the source also. I don't know how effective e.g. putting the DE just around the floor or bed, this might not be advised or as valuable.

  For years I struggled on with ants both in my common sense and also to please others like the landlord. (And of course dust mites are while at any rate not yuck amock they are yuck at any rate and unhealthy in general without a simple cheap easy solution.) I didn't want pesticides, they damage the bees acetylcholine, the brain's main neurotransmitter, so the bee or ant is getting Alzheimer's or parkinson's at high speed, and this doesn't seem as safe. For risk of Alzheimers, nattokinase an enzyme from soy (not junk food, the fermented kind isn't poison like junk food) may be of worth to many. The risk of Alzheimer's in Japan is 90% reduced! Sort of an Amazon enzyme!

  DE is often recommended for any parasites because like bees they have an exoskeleton, but it just may not be enough for hookworm or etc. (Another option is to see your doctor and ask for abendazole, but this is by prescription only and has side effects. I found a related OTC called mebendazole is expensive and doesn't work well yet it had nausea for days. And the parasite can get resistance unlike wax for hookworm if you use it for longer times at lower dose or etc.)

Livestrong says DE has had a safe history of many years use in agriculture, even so it's advisable to watch for the dust; I use it on my dermal area with water to damp the dust, and only around my doors to stop ants etc. I don't then stir up the dust by uncleaning frequently in the area, yes I do dust in my house a lot!

 Zinc is powerful against parasites and while it isn't for long term use, I found the zinc in pumpkin seed oil is much easier to tolerate than other zinc and combined this with rye flour which increases absorbtion of zinc A and D etc. Most people absorb only 10% of the food they eat.

 One problem with DE for parasites is that like clay,  DE also absorbs out other herbs or prescriptions, an advantage wax has in this event. And the heat from my birthday dish won't drive me back!  Even so and however I use DE in low moderation with the wax. The absorbtion out is only moderate not severe.

 If you live in the country like in an old stone house with holes in the walls  and you have "ahem." "fleas" in your house if you live in the agricultural zone DE will remove both the dust mites they may eat and are a powerful deterrent to the entry in your house and if they do enter they die before they reach the dust mites unlike boric acid which is used for this. DE is far stronger and like boric acid it spreads around the area by the activity of the "fleas" so it will go deep inside your walls but DE is far stronger for this, and presumably safer. This is why it only takes a bit of DE around both doors or inside say the area around your bathtub to stop ants etc. and periodically I use it with water as a dermal wash to continue to easily remove ants and dust mites from my entire house. (the water method damps the DE and reduces risk of lung irritation silicosis, a potential health risk). DE is "permanent" unless you remove it, compare this to pesticides you have to keep spraying all around and paying for and DE seems safer...

 Years ago I had roaches try to enter, and this is simple to solve if you have control of the food and water. Just seal up the drains, clean all surfaces, remove food the icebox, clean food on shelves if so and wait a few days. Ants however have been around 100s of millions of years, and Diatomaceous Earth is the best I've seen since!

 Some say DE is the bug killer you can eat, as with research you may find on the web, and I suddenly found with the dander removed and a bit of DE by the door, no ants week after week goes by and the ants aren't marching off with the month, how could they!

Then I realized and I found a bit of chip over by the wall in the rug with ants gone wild a bit. Here also I just remove the ants and added a bit more DE by the other wall, and NO ANTS! NONE.If you put it around the door and don't upset the rug there you may have a simple year round defense, and why would you!

While these methods may well also stop fleas ticks and bedbugs since they have an exoskeleton and are involved with dander, they may not stop the so called super lice. The good news; studies shows lice cause no definite disease, at least for our time..

DE and removing dander will almost 100% stop ants, bees, fleas, ticks, termites, mites, roaches, spiders, wasps, hornets, dex mites, and bed bugs, flies, mosquitos, chiggers, silverfish in and while I may be wrong, this seems to be an easy safe cheap simple way to improve here. 

Note That These are Also Ways to not Have To Spend Hours A Day Washing And Washing To Remove The Problem! When will some have exercise like the rich picking up cash all around!

 About staph, candle wax makes a good mustache cleanser, and it even brightens up my mustache. You can put in the outside of your nose. While candle wax seems safe enough to burn and makes me smell real good, I have no recommendation for internal use. To stop my nose itch on the outside, I used a cottom swab to dab in the wax and coat my nose inside and out and in my mustache. 

The other step to stop itching is to put cleansing herbs in your pockets so if you use your pockets and then touch your face (in studies most people do this once in a minute or so) it automatically shuts it down.

The general antibacterial/pocket formula I used is

baking soda/Ceyanne/Olive Leaf.

Cayenne and olive leaf are almost a cure for sinusitis (for me at any rate, use this site at your own risk). Cayenne cuts through mucus real well and fast. Olive leaf has a "long list of miraculous advantages" and only one known side effect, low blood sugar though only at high dose for continuous use. We can rest more about Halley's Comet or why why not..While baking soda itself isn't enough, like OL it helps kill many germs by drying the out and they explode by osmosis. Olive Leaf seems better than Olive Leaf Extract which seems to have the same values but with three times the price of OLE, so this seems like a gimmick to sell more Olive leaf which keeps better and OL costs just 3 $ a bottle at stores I know and trust The stores is Swanson Health, I've been doing business with them about 15 years. 

 This also is great for dental health like a tooth freshener since the Cayenne and OL are both wound healing and the O.L e.g. sets up a permanent structure germs can't do as well inside. I was using this formula for years for the eczema, and it's of real power for antibacterial use. e.g. otitis. Because the ceyanne and Olive Leaf are complex, germs can't build up resistance unlike prescriptions doctors use. All these are cheap and I hope your cosmos is rich in gold with the Comet stardust saved up.

And these methods like DE and dander removal also may be of worth to reduce eyestrain believed to be caused somewhat by "dex mites", small mites that live on your face around your eyes for solutions perhaps for conjunctivitis (eye inflammation).

House Odor Is Often Caused By Dust Mites and Cooked Foods. If You See No More Spiders, and Also Wash Your Clothes, Etc. Chances Are the Dust Mites Are Gone, and Your House Will Smell Good Even When You Can't Smell It! 

House odor can be easily solved by removing dust mites by the Dawn/baking soda/ DE method since their feces are often what you otherwise are breathing when you breathe in the dander from your outfit. It just takes a bit of Dawn/baking soda to wash outfits, and if it's time for the annual 6 month visit by the boss or realtor to see if I'm clean, a good trick is to turn on fans and open the window that day, if I live and the visitor can't whiff an odorless aroma, life is exercise!

The second main way to reduce house odor is to eat readymade foods, and I use only one bowl in my stainless steel sink and clean out the bowl by soaking and using a sieve to strain out the leftunders and toss them... While the web recommends baking soda to polish stainless steel, I find that soaking the sink is an even better way to clean stainless steel. I don't want my sink to burp! I only use a few outfits with zips so I unzip the zip when I eat to save a lot on outfits that don't stain, and wash them in my sink, so my sink also is clean. Other tricks to sort my refrigerator are by use of paper tape to sort stuff by type and this also makes it easier to stack  around above the edges in reach. You can stack the jugs sideways with the flat shelf and use binder clips for bags like chips you don't eat through the shelf below. These like deep bins are a few methods with some of my methods combined with others I've seen online about how to reduce refrigerator clutter.

Housecleaning has been linked to depression, yet peril of the landlord disagreeing has value I found if I realize I go to this level of R and D, like science we are making the most of life not so much how but why perhaps. Like muscle in physiology, it's scar tissue, the only known way muscle is real, and we take on the power of what we overpower, and if out achieving Einstein and Beethoven, well duh.. 

HOW TO SORT and CLEAN AT HIGH SPEED Reducing House Odor 

To know which clothes are clean and which are soiled and save I wear fewer outfits to wash less and I also use paper tape to fold them and twirl each shirt in a roll with this cheap tape (just 10$ a year). The rolls are then stored on end in the shelf or tote so you instantly see all your blue oufits in your shelf and  others like sweaters in another box, and so on. Since this use of paper tape dramatically reduces clothes clutter and other clutter around the house and makes it so you can clean and sort 5x faster, you also can easily find which clothes need washing and simply put them in the washtub basket and wait till it's full of outfits to then wash saving money by waiting till the load isn't too luxury sized or so cheap you're in a soap opera! (The dryer costs 1$/hour and more for the washing machine.) Click here or see link below for complete details about how to increase your cleaning searching and sorting speed up to 5 times by this simple method, and also how to use it to reduce general shelf clutter and find many things you didn't even know you own. By having more stuff in reach, you own more if research finds your brain thinks of what you own as an extension of your mind, like the ancients thought of editors, in AZ they always find the waves high res!

For Years I tried many Solutions, these methods really work without such labor...

How To Remove Mice Without Bait or as "Much Risk Setting The Trap"

You may like adhesive panels the mice walk on and are stuck so they can't remove. You don't have to set the bait or handle the mouse. You might want to use pliars to remove it even so. I've seen these at Tractor Supply Store, you may like other stores like this, I love more stores! (If you shop each day you live years more, send VISA, I want to boost life wages!)

Sunday, April 16, 2017

How To Use Simple Machines To Get Better Control Of Your Herbs or OTC's (As With CFS) Or If You Want To Improve Any Complex Situation

 One problem about taking supplements like soy flour, ribose, or other boosters is about timing. You want to think of food as food and medicine as medicine. Otherwise you may gain weight when you take your medicine as needed yet it has calories or even fat. Another problem is about taking some herbs only once a week. And what about reading the comic book or encyclopedia or remembering to practice music and to unplug the phone to limit the AAA yet allow your wife to call you a horsepower?
You may read about why behaviour apps like for weight control don't work. In research the poor millionaire asks for money by the bus and the strangers give twice as much money to the beggar earns more when they add the words, "but you can accept or say no if you want". The apps don't seem to work because you have to fit its agenda by changes more when it says you must eat or not eat.
You may have tried a schedule with like a calendar in the old days like I did, this failed for me, the reason would seem to be because, all day we are constantly changing, for example your blood pressure in your arms or legs is changing all day. Think of this like a budget in life; sometimes you can afford to buy somethings sometimes other. Often you are limited by other events. If you allow a more flexible schedule where you do what you want because you like more of what when you are richer, this gives you more life and celebration., you opt in or out, and if you miss it you find it on the next go round, the event isn't just absent because you opted out sometimes, this is what tracfones were made for for millions of auroras!
A confined schedule would seem to fail. So instead I use my tracfone calendar (not the alarm which has a limited list) to suggest all day what to do. I use the simpler alarm beep which also lets me have it my way, if Aunt Betsy has 257 stations, so be it! This is good for like soy flour (combining like with no fat milk for flavor cancellation, bread, or even decaf coffee, my decaf coffee table I see often at high decaf speed! works for other herbs also). I have a whole list of supplements like foods I paid for but couldn't remember to take, soy flour, decaf coffee (soy and decaf coffee both combined are a feel good combination. I was searching for a time release method to feel good all day by this like put the herb in my ear with the earstop since like 75% of herbs are skin permeable, how to put coffee in my ear, right! The timer lets me schedule for many times a day, solving the problem.). One thing about some OTC's like Avemar is you aren't supposed to take it within two hours on either side due to possible interaction like e.g. vitamin C. The calendar solves this and makes it so the risk of other interactions is reduced as you take the herbs at other hours. You can list herbs that goeswith for value here also. With the calendar you can schedule different days of the week and remember important events, and you can take any day or month off off just by turning off the phone. (This hour of rest is often recommended for most herbs and supplements for cleansing). And if you have interactions like say allergies, you can go back and find the cause, then either remove or change the time and so on.
You can get a tracfone for like 10 like my LG501c that is dropproof, and to keep the alarm always on or off I just keep the phone plugged in the charger since this keeps from wearing out the battery, and I even record some of my favorite songs as I'm a musician to the alarm, my hits and bowl of Chocolate are what I type on my answering machine! The LG501c is separate from the Android so it doesn't have web distraction so reduced risk of crash which can harm eye health and web overuse may cause something like autism. You may want to use a timer box ("Kitchen Safe") to solve this, and for other use as I say here, or click link at the end of this memo also. I can imagine using the timer box combined with the other methods to lose weight or change other behaviour also.
My goal was how to find out how to use something like an app to change behaviour. This flexible timer method is for general use and then you use the other machine or activities as you like. Like with the invention of writing in ancient times or the Comedy machine, I think of the timer method is an extension of knowledge. Who can remember all the things to do otherwise, I'd rather be energised remembering whey is Velveeta when I moved to Ohio!
As I say on the link, beyond this you can go in loops with your machine, sort of like when you go to sleep by first a stimulus, then you zonk a bit, the stimulus, more zonk in the loop as you pass out. So too by using a machine like My Comedy Machine it's like hypnosis, you get deeper and deeper in. Even so I see no reason why using these machines couldn't be a way to change any behaviour you might want to improve. Research shows that depressed people have trouble reading a list of all the good things in life, so we may say conversely that lists the right words might perhaps improve depression, and so I believe even reading or memorizing a list of the right words may have value for weight control, sports triumphs, or other forms of achievement in life. I memorize a few comics each day, or just refer to the Comedy Machine and start with the celebration while I'm wise, if my machine gets wise, it loses its data and is so creative! I like to read Ripleys and make comics with the Acronyms, read books about angels my sister gave me, and do prayers by the same methods. Research shows that like memory tricks are good for memory visualization and memory methods really do work. And these other types of machines are highly useful for solving any kind of problem either for reference as I say here about using an AZ index plus a subindex for real fast access no cost method that will never melt down, and low cost or for more creative methods like Comedy with the Machine to help you find the best comedy to solve this or that problem faster.  The AZ index is of great value if you research a large number of herbs as for CFS. I listed my own events and it weeds out the bad herbs more and more with time. (If you're having an adverse event, say with a herb like ginger, you list it and also list that you can take clay with water (dirt cheap and much cheaper with clay soaked in water since it much multiplies up the cleansing power) so with the next or third loop you are more aware than when I was asleep.) You can make your alarm interactive by using letters for the first of each word like acronyms to learn anything you want all the time, a continual method of self eductation about your CFS herbs or OTCs. The limit of the field area where you list the "alarm name" is useful because you can use the next alarm down and list the letters to make a simple exercise by alternate reading of the letters and words so you know you know, and are forced to remember with a sort of interactive power reading museum of the year 2050! And you can make comic words out of the acronyms to remember well. 
Here's the Link To The Comedy Machine (How I built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved!)

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Why Avemar With Meratrim May Be A CFS Cure

Disclaimer, This site is for Information Only And Is Not Intended To Prevent, Treat, or Diagnose Any Condition or Event. Use of This Site is At The Risk of The Reader, and is not A Substitute for A Doctor's Care. Here I speak only from my own Perspective and these methods may not work for individuals since all health situations are special as they are unique.

    The odds of anyone getting cancer are now 2 out of 3. This means as I did if you have CFS you may have what seems to be a project on stress ahead. Can you imagine how I felt at first when I found out I had both? I'd had CFS for about 10 years and then skin cancer. It may seem incredible but I've survived and am thriving because not only is there a way to control 97% of the symptoms cheaply and with ease of CFS, cancer is often curable by the same method...

  The way out, the way up, may be Avemar.. the Nobel proze winning powdered beer brew, essentially a small loaf of bread carbs, a small tablet that's wonderous, beauteous for cancer, yes there is such a word as wonderous, it's beautious, my mom the English professor and journalist says she hopes it's so..

 Avemar as I'm taking it, about 45 dollars a month is a powerful powerful immune booster and modulator. It's believed by many the cause of CFS is the Herpes HHV6 virus, and Avemar goes deep down to cleanse out the virus. Untreated CFS has 10,000 times the viral load they find in research, in addition to HHV6 there are about 20 or 30 viruses in the muscles PWC's can't feel, but they are there. If anyone pays 45 for junk TV shows would anyone pay this much to both cleanse out all this junk and cure the cancer too?

 As you may know your body only is able to stop cancer by constantly cleaning out all these threats, they lurk hiding pretending to be do gooders to your immune system, so they get by under the radar.
  Avemar does a deep, deep cleanse, it's advertised to completely repair even a severely damaged immune system.
While in the US Avemar costs 60 per tablet or 45$ a month for the 2 and 1/2 tablet dose I'm taking currently, in Hungary where it was invented it's subsidized and all Hungarians can get Avemar for just 3$ a month or so. Avemar is believed to be of real worth for a long list of improvements in health and has been well researched.   

 Before Avemar, I was taking Activive from a company called Hello Life. Activive is great for CFS, it was like night and day, it reverses 97% of the symptoms and the enzyme deficiency, almost all the pain, the neural symptoms are also much improved like 97% improved etc, etc. It has no side effects and isn't edgy, other than somewhat if I sometimes miss a dose. But why am I talking about Activive with my click and spel left, if Avemar seems the solution for me? 

  First you may want to know it's an option, e.g. if you can't take Avemar if you had blood sugar issues (Avemar like powdered beer has a lot of carbs) or because of cost perhaps.

 More important may be because it works really fast, the first day.. I was so greatful!!!!! I'm just great! Merely Amazing me..

And Avemar may be uncomfortable while you wait for the Avemar to solve the CFS so you may find more continuous relief while you wait.

As in, it often takes months of pain for some OTC's or perscriptions to work, I couldn't stand the thought of anyone feeling the CFS way for a day, I know what it felt like, and if I can spare you three or four months of CFS agony till the Avemar might be a cure, than you may like me and Activive in the short term till the cure might be in reach for you with Avemar.


Avemar is essentially, powdered German beer. It costs 180 for 300 tablets. The patent may not expire for years and it's just beer or bread as they say on a site like Denver Naturopathic. 

 The site says that this kind of bread, artisinal bread presumably has much of the value of Avemar if you merely bake your own bread by the recipe they give from their long experience in the bread booze biz, how to booze on slices of foam! Bread is much like beer, it has the same bacteria used to make each. At first I thought I'd have to make beer and other sites said that if my pot belly isn't a microbrew like what's his name the Ohio Jesus who had the yeast in his gi that always turned the water he would drink to beer not wine! The problem with brewing my own beer was that other sites I read in more depth seemed to say you have to get the brew just right of the beer or it's just a batch of vinegar, and this to spend all the money on a beer brewing machine and then perhaps to have it fail was enough for me to first try the Avemar to see if it even works, and yes it does. No side effects other than lots more energy and removed blemishes etc. after several months. I'm hoping to brew my own Avemar bread and then just supplement with Avemar I buy, this is in case the bread has no value for some reason, better safe than sorry, you know, it's always the second mouse that gets the cheeze, life is just this whey!

Here's the link to the site with Avemar recipe or see link at the bottom of the page;


 At first I thought I couldn't take a higher dose (2 tabs PM 1/2 AM so no wooziness by the carbs all day if this may be possible. It definitely doesn't work as well at low doses, this 2 1/2 tabs is 1/4 the recommended dose, or 300 tabs a month for 180$)..

I would get woozy from sugar before, so I use a weightloss formula called Meratrim to counteract the blood sugar issues and lose weight to boot!  More recently I found it's almost half price if I buy Avemar direct from Hungary about 103 for two bottles, and I'm also trying Meritrim for just 20 or so, via Ebay at 1/3 off the cost. I'll let you know how this goes in a month or so.

More The Meratrim; ABOUT MERATRIM

It counteracts the two hunger hormones discovered in the late 2000's leptin and gherlin. Leptin, like greek "leptos" or light controls hunger, and ghelin controls satisfaction after you eat, actually it seems to moderate both. Like Avemar it profoundly influences glucose, this is one of the main ways Avemar is so powerful against cancer since cancer cells use 6 times more glucose than other cells. Indeed, like Avemar, Meratrim is a fitness and cognative booster in essence, and neither have edginess. And like Avemar, Meratrim is strongly anticancer, removing 80 to 100% of cancer cells in vitro.

One good reason it seems Meratrim is in reach for me is because as I say, Activive is not involved with chemical sensitivity like MCSS, and Meritrim has only two ingredients. They researched out of 10s of thousands of herbs that convert fat to muscle and improve hunger and so Meratrim has only two ingredients, Mangosteen and a herb called sphearanthus indicus, indian thistle. In the old days I wasn't much interested in multiherb formulas, and my common sense is aware here of the value of only two ingredients in Meritrim. You can buy it from Swanson online, a discount brand I've trusted for more than 15 years of experience. (Amazon may be unsafe for herbs, counterfeits by third world and shady operators abound). 
 If you have cancer and CFS even so you may not want to take Meritrim since more than half of cancer deaths are by starvation as the cancer uses up most of the energy your healthy cells would be getting.

Another way I use to save more on OTC's etc. is to take ginger which increases the absorption of any OTC you take by mouth. I'm in hopes I can get by with reduced cost of any other herbs I take. One problem is that ginger itself is rather expensive. So I take pepper with the ginger which boosts the absorption of the ginger itself 100's or 1000s of times. Absorption of absorption of absorption...Ginger causes low blood sugar, but Meratrim seems to counteract this also. I've had low blood sugar wooziness after sugar but this was only when I was also taking 4 or 5 other herbs that each cause this by necessity in the old days.

 Avemar seems superior to Activive in general even with Activive's super anti CFS power because even if Activive is of real value and has no negative symptoms you can feel, it's complex while Avemar is simpler. In other words there would seem to be longer term risks of side effects possible with Activive, and on the insert they say it has all these great powers for anyone who's tired not just PWCs it also says just the one word "for temporary relief", (I don't have CountRight!). Even so it doesn't say for temporary use only, and I've used Activive for seven years with no side effects I can find other than mild edginess if I miss the dose. But Avemar may go deeper in to stop HHV6 which is well known to cause fatigue, 99% have HHV6 and it is believed it lurks until some stress or other burden then makes it able to cause CFS. 

 Also there is the problem that even if Activive is real good for CFS, if the Activive company Hello Life goes out of business and while businesses have life ever lasting "by some accounts!" then when the Activive runs out the CFS pain and confusion may return. Activive as I was able to afford it was when I took about 3 drops AM and PM and one bottle for 35 or so would last about 3 months. But it may not be simple or a cure or a way to save as much "bread" as Avemar...I can't afford a lifetime supply of Activive, it would cost thousands, so perhaps Avemar is better in the long run. I don't yet know Avemar is a cure, even so I'm already able to cut down on my Activive costs 3/4 with ease after 6 months of Avemar.


  The secret I found to not cause high blood pressure itself was to replace both chips and crackers with bread, it goes with lots of other healthy foods to make them comfortable enough to not make me dead! Bread goes real well with, meats, beans (like tacos) juices, itself, veggies, and it's as satisfying as chips, I like the flavor. As in ancient rome, the saying was "bread and circuses" bread is often enought to satisfy. What bread sandwich can't you make without bread? A tomato sandwich, a cheese sandwich but the rich can't make a sandwich without a sandwich! The junk food may have raised my blood pressure before I found this method, and caution  and use of the bread method are thus advised as you may reach the cure. (I got a cheap cyber blood pressure cuff from Wal Mart at a cheap cost "Lot Fancy"-and high value..)  And I save 30 or 40 a week on food cost year round. The rest of the junk food may mostly rust on the shelves and so be it (bogus iron). My fat dose is much lower, and cholesteral and salt must love duffels, they've been boosted past the level of sightseers when they see stars when the duffel arrives on Mars!

A lot of people with CFS  while they are often poor, they have access to more healthy food even at dishcount prices! I'm serious with FM dish stations in my mouth! NOTE this is Not Medical advice, Please Read and Understand my Disclaimer  (or see link below.). 

For years I ate pasta, but it's slimy in the pot, doesn't keep, and can burn the house down sooner or later, later I hope, sure enough right away is here! Bread is simple and cheap and has fiber, recommended for many health  uses I always wind up with.

Finally I want to say that as Avemar raises your blood pressure to cure the tiredness, it may go too high and so it's important to monitor blood pressure and eat right. Avemar itself has no evedince for this, so I'm wondering if it wasn'ttcaused by either junk food before this or a herb I was taking, roman chamomile. Chamomile isn't generally believed to cause high blood pressure. Even so I've had numerous adverse events caused by bad OTC promises, and it's been found that as much as 1 in 3 OTC's are counterfeit, so I'm wondering this about chamomile. My blood pressure needed to go down to more moderate level once I discontinued this type of chamomile (not the same as german chamoomile.) 


Avemar, for me at any rate, is a powerful way to defend against both cancer and CFS and all kinds of other pathogens. It may be a cure for both or for me, this may not work for you.

In the time until the Avemar takes hold against the CFS and cancer if you have both or don't want the risk, Activive may be of worth for healthy energy in just a day or so; 

Avemar has blood sugar wooziness and is expensive. You may want to make your own Avemar bread as on the simple recipe on the Denver Naturopathic site;another way to save may be to absorb more with ginger, or even pepper with ginger to boost absorption.

To counteract the wooziness I use Meratrim (though this may not be for just anyone).

Monitor your blood pressure carefully, and use these Avemar, etc. only under a Doctor's supervision.

For the Avemar site how to make your own Avemar bread, Click Here http://www.denvernaturopathic.com/poolishwheatgermbread.htm


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 "COMFORT IN MIND" Solves More Math!

A Simple, Cheap Easier Way to Hydrate!

I believe the reason most like cool water is because we lived in the tropics for millions of years before fire, so cool water had reduced germs and this helped survival more often.

  If hydration is comfortable, it's easy, I care a lot if the lawn is an ocean around my RV!

Most people are dehydrated some of the time, it has health and cosmetological value to get your 6 to 8 jugs of hydration each day. (more About Hydration Dehydration further on my site). I believe comfort is the main limitation  that limits most from achieving the right level of healthy hydration they often seek. Hydration is simple and easy by this method I use; 

  Here's how; 

What You'll need; a small bowl, your refrigerator, a water bottle, duct tape, and bit of insulation to shield your where you're in a heat wave of celebration in outward cosmic radiance!

 1.The bottle; like 15 inches by 3. A discount store water bottle is well, yet you may like using an non BPHA (poisoned, commonly sold ) bottle because you may like using it more by this method; 

 2. Bubble wrap or other insulation. tape. Amazon ships this my way at low cost, I have 20 road machines worth outside on my lawn! Wrap insulation around the bottle. I use duct tape to seal it with some untaped area to have the real oof and ahh of foam in control! The insulation makes it easy to handle and totally pain proof, a real issue with some other hydration methods.. Insulate around the base and higher up the sides, however high you  know how to hold or how to fold or be no poet meritorious out W.   

 3. Be sure to save your lid and have lids on hand, those lids are often of worth to reduce floods and world warming CO2 causes!

 4. Fill your bottle about half way with water, you can use a taped fill line, or just mark and embalm it with transparent heavy tape so no smudges. 

5. Bowl. Tilt the bottle at an angle in your freezer by propping it up on say a bowl and this makes it so you can access it after the water is frozen. Leave the level fill line so it leaves the lid zone unfrozen.  Note that this won't damage your water bottle much if horizontal more since the bottle isn't filled up. This takes just a few minutes not hours like in the refrigerator. This is important since waiting hours in no fun, you only live twice.

6. Once the ice is frozen enough, you're ready to drink, as designated by AAA and AA, just pour liquid water from the faucet in the jug with ice inside.

Just by turning the jug over with the ice not level makes it so you control the temperature! You can reuse it often with the ice chunk and more hydration.

7.  Fill the jug all the way if you like, or like with a usual bottle using tap water helps control the temperature just some. 

8. You can store  this method in the refrigerator if you haven't used the ice yet, and not much of the water will freeze or not much of the ice will thaw.


About Hydration

  Dehydration can be dangerous. Some signs of dehydration are dry mouth and dry eyes.. People are often dehydrated. Why? Because if like me they don't  go in much for ice water, it's clammy, the ice tray is yuck-and ice water is so way cool..!  I believe people may be dehydrated because like doctors in the Air Conditioning it's uncomfortable to wash hands not because they wouldn't if it was moreso.

 I mention the hydration method here because this is a general CFS site, and because dehydration is common in general and you can also be dehydrated without knowing it's a risk. And because this method is so cheap and simple and so satisfying relative to other methods of hydration, I'm sure I'll use it the rest of my life, like 300 years!

Here are some  advantages; 

 There is No Cost, There are No Expensive Filters or Icemakers. This Method Takes up almost No Floor Space, Beautifies skin, helps Energy Etc...

 The ice doesn't damage your teeth, solid stuff otherwise can make small cracks in your teeth and widen them, damaging your tooth .And you never get the pain of ice on your hands or teeth.

And your water gets cool fast when you add it since the surface area of the ice has more volume than audio. It tastes much fresher and more clean to me, and it has low cost. To me water flavor out of the faucet always seemed stale or it's too hot. It was never with ozone or seemed comfortable as I'd like.... It kills germs, presumably better for dental and general health. Science finds most illness enters the body through the breath or the mouth.

 I recommend using two of these engineered marvels, so you always have one on hand, I like the flavor in powdered heat wave formulas, always ready and I find it worthwhile, hope you are rich in vitamin G also..