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The Wonders of Green Clay

You may have heard of zeolite, used to turn on the cancer gene that causes apoptosis (natural cell death) and improve defenses of these persons. But this is just one advantage of "another type of zeolite" green clay, much cheaper than zeolite, dirt cheap! Green clay is used by animals to detoxify where both green clay and zeolite are offered to eat. Eat dirt? Perhaps to some degree, in evolution we lived in the tropics for million of years before the invention of fire, walking through the mud. The mud goes right through the skin, and the mud is a gold mine of minerals and a wonderous cleanser. Green clay cleanses the same way as zelolite; each molecule has a cuplike form and the charge around the inside and the edge is strong so toxins are absorbed into the cup and then your system washes away the bad stuff while minerals are absorbed. Your body absorbs no more of these minerals than you need. But "MCI" you may say, "Ma Bell is Cashing In! I already eat healthy food, I'm in the 5% who do, and I take a vitamin/mineral formula." There are two problems here, first, even in ancient greece the fields were already vitamin and mineral deficient due to overcultivation of the fields. Egypt had the seasonal floods that put lots of silt on the fields, minerals to make the bread and those who ate it stronger than the greeks. Each year they would pray to all the gods, the rain god the wind god and the rock god (in the old gold hall of fame and solid gold) for the nile to flood, so the bread would be better, mozza and mozzerella are rather like mead and edam, ABC in bread! If you sit and wonder at a loaf of Wonder bread, they are not allowed to say it builds strong bodies by the law of advertising since it's so mineral deficient. Mice given white bread starve to death and rice without fiber is so nutricionally deficient it's not used for food in the east because the bran has all the worth.

Keep in mind that clay is often not for those on life saving perscriptions, it may absorb them out. My own experience is that it absorbs some but not all perscriptions, so it may or may not be of worth to you, only your doctor may know for sure as each person is unique. Please see and understand my Disclaimer.

Phillip the II, the one who had the three jugs of water set on the shelf and two empty had his son marry one of the last of the Cleopatras to consolidate power. The greek fields were weak for making his troops strong so he wanted the power of the egyptian bread to make his troops stronger to win old old wars.

And vitamins are not a viable method to get minerals (no doubt!) because only about 5 to 20% are actually absorbed.

Thus as the FDA says there are just 50% of the minerals we need in food, and vitamin/mineral formulas are not so reliable for minerals. But this is just the start.

Not only is green clay super cheap and super absorbant for toxins, it has an amazing list of advantages!

For example it has all the magnesium you need (no more, your body doesn't absorb more than it needs of the minerals. We lived for millions of years in the mud, so more clay is more natural.). Not the cheap bogus magnesium in suppliments that cause kidney problems, rather a more ecofriendly type. Magnesium alone is like a sort of super enzyme, good for more improvements in health than almost any other known vitamin or mineral, used for 365 and 1/4 important reactions in the body, well, 364. This is just magnesium alone, often called the five cent salvation.

Here is just a partial list of the other advantages of green clay;

IMPROVES DIGESTION You absorb nutrients from all food and liquid sources.

DETOXIFIES Remove toxins and chemical residues as fast as your body takes them in...

83 MONOTOMIC MINERALS and trace elements like magnesium



DRAWS OUT TOXINS by way of the unique honycomb structure and negative charge. No other element on earth is as powerful for this. THIS Can Be Used AS A SHIELD FROM HERBS OR COMPOUNDS USED ELSEWHERE FOR OTHER PURPOSES (e.g. if you have prostatitis but want to take say energy vitamins that are bad for prostatitis, use clay around the prostate, and you can thus take the first herb for its advantage without harm to other tissue. It can be used as a liver shield, a kidney shield ect, for those with more than one health issue, meaning more herbs are in reach to solve a given health problem sooner. Clay can be of worth to speed up herbal progress, say you have an area where you want to solve two problems, yet your herbs interact and only after having to wait say 72 hours to two days, ect for the first to cleanse. First the first herb then the clay to cleanse, then the second herb may improve your speed sooner. You could solve only one problem, now you can solve two, plus better health via the minerals.)

REDUCES THE COMMON PROBLEM OF AN IMPACTED COLON (slow digestion is the main problem other than fatigue older people have. Clay helps fatigue too!) By improving digestion, may improve diabetes, gall stones, gout, hypertension or hypotension (via potassium),varicose veins, obesity, psoriasis, arthritis, fluid retention (for near term, cinnamon and baking soda work great for me), anemia,muscle cramping and irregular heart ryhthm, ALL CAUSED BY MALABSORPTION...



RELAX MUSCLE STIFFNESS caused by acidity of muscle, ect.

BOOST IMMUNE DEFENCES by the same method (acid reduction)

LIVE LIKE A DREAM, improving brain health and sleep


COMFORT AND RANGE OF MOTION of YOUR JOINT HEALTH IMPROVESBUILDS BONE due to calcium magnesium, ect (not recommended alone. Weight bearing exercise in combination is best).



IMPROVES PROSTATITIS by drawing out the toxins (much better than massage, which only blends DHT with T as you'll see on the rating sites for "patented" inventions like prostate massage that don't work) and replacing with minerals like zinc magnesium and molybdenim.



IMPROVES BREATHING it's used for horses to reduce respiratory problems from ammonia in stalls 87% GREAT for use with household bleach, reducing risk of allergies and so on.

ALL THIS FOR LIKE VALUE! A no brainer, right? I think clay should be in all first aid kits because say you have nausea for a herb interaction. Instead of trying to counteract it via my early method of ginger instead draw out the toxin, reducing strain on your liver, or wherever it hurts, not using a pharmocologically opposite herb not recommended, rather cleansing the toxin out by fighting fire with water, staying out of the general chemical area risk not on its own terms. This may be a good method to cleanse out the stuff in inflamed joints or for any imflammation because not only does it draw out the stuff, it replaces the toxins with minerals like magnesium, calcium potassium your body may need. Linus Pauling the nobel prize winner said all illness can be traced to lack of minerals.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why You May Be So Weary and How You May Control or Cure It By Way of Advances in CFS Science

...I want to say right here this is not another one of those glom and doom sites about curing weariness, or CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS is both considered incurable or that half recover completely in five years depending on who you ask, but the latter is a broad definition, so you have much room to shake loose. You've been through a lot, and now you can feel awesome. Doctors say 99% of their patients report fatigue, it's the most frequent complaint of patients. Perhaps by research in its extreme we can learn more about how to help the other 99% who are tired, and of course CFS too. One important thing is caution about the perscriptions that cause CFS, this is where doctors do the most harm to the world, a necessary woe of the business they profess perhaps, but if all the world had it better, with a lighter load to bear, we'd be living a pretty good life, and the rest of the ream is 100% up! If you're weary the good news is, you can have it where you feel good most of the time. If doctors of the non Phd type often won't even admit you have it, I think they are just too busy to be aware of recent improvements in CFS science, not their fault perhaps. Do you want to feel good? Do you want to feel like an air typist, you know one of those with a typewriter you type in that writes all those commercials for biz booms airships to unfurl as they zoom overhead? After you read this site you may be triumphant.

About The New Activive

...This is a much more effective CFS formula perhaps 3X more than the older formula which was also almost 3 times the price. This Will Work For Anyone With Fatigue and Has No Side Effects. It Can Completely Solve Even the Severe Fatigue of CFS so I believe it will solve any energy problem for all or most. And unlike other herbs for energy like like ginseng the energy is completely non edgy. Other herbs like octacosanol or D Ribose have the problem of low blood sugar and the new Activive (the 59 milliliter jug says store in a dry shelf!) is non edgy, in contrast. This improvement of Activive is not improbable, since when a breakthrough is made like in inventions often other more powerful pathways are often then invented. The new Activive formula like old formula is all natural and herbal and because there is just a small amount of each of the herbs risks of side effects is quite small by dividing the load each herb lifts, like in life where large numbers of small changes are evolutions way not small numbers of large changes. (And beds may stop drowsiness no more, you'll sleep while you count no sheep!).

There are about five mechanisms that have evolved to prevent low blood pressure when we stand up (most older people have this even with high blood pressure in general) and Activive addresses all of them.

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The compound AHCC has worked mcuh better for me than even Activive which I had to take at lower dose for other health reasons. You may be glad I continued my search because AHCC is a super strong antiviral (no side effects) to stop HHV6 believed to cause CFS by many. AHCC makes your immune system much stronger and smarter too so it knows what to attack. No allergies, your immune system continues to strengthen for a year or more! And once you're immune to HHV6 your immune system is programmed for life to be smarter. (If you're health aware you may know relatives or neighbors who had colds earlier but after they were immune, no more colds, the uncommon cold.) I'm cured of CFS.. Click here for complete details and see below for more about HHV6 the herpes virus. This may much simplify the CFS picture, reducing risk of interactions with herbs ect. AHCC is all purpose for CFS and seems great for energy, for anyone!

Since tiredness as in CFS or more moderate weariness is usually a leg circulation problem (see below) to save on the Activive, 1/3 the dose applied to the legs works perhaps ar twice the value while you save $200 a year. (This about applying herbs for health nearer the problem to solve may be a good option to try if the recommended way is not as good, no doubt be sure to check first for allergies cautions ect.) If you take Activive in the AM it may wear off somewhat by say 6 PM so another way to save is to take Activive AM and Olive Leaf Extract in the PM to give you more energy then too. More than half the recommended dose of OLE I consider not to be worthwhile since it's been found to lower blood sugar to hazardous levels. WHY OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT (IN GOOD MODERATION) IS GREAT FOR CFS AND OTHER HEALTH ISSUES

..The (new) Activive is the first herb that completely controls all of the symptoms of weariness anyone has including the more severe symptoms of CFS. Activive is now just 25 for a months worth. Click Here FOR THE CHEAPEST ACTIVIVE SITE I've Seen here in 2010. (IT'S THE LIQUID NOT THE POWDER WHICH HAS OTHER COMPONENTS, CLICK HERE for the list here also.)

Click Here for how to get the Most For your Activive Money, (like 10 times more by reducing spills, they don't mention this on the jug). Another great herb I use with Activive at lower dose to save money on the Activive and for safety is grape extract (Activive raises ATP which cancer cells use and with CFS your DNA is damaged, so I consider it wise to take a lower dose of Activive with a second energy hearb like grape extract, it's safe cheap non edgy energy. I've searched through perhaps 40 herbs to find the ones like PowerGrape. and Activive to find the ones that I recommend to both save money and for safety. For CFS and cancer see below... On this page I'll also show you how to solve dental problems permanently.

..More great news is that Olive Leaf Extract OLE with cayenne used e.g. for the nose or dermal problems may control or "cure" the inflammations caused by CFS. CLICK HERE for how and why these two cheap herbs may replace a whole rack of OTC's, this may be major news for health saving consumers billions. This won't just control inflammations it's often a cure, or at the least makes a large permanent dent in the inflammations. (The reason is because OLE makes a permanent structure germs can't function inside and dissolves the cell walls of the germs without changing your own body in other than beneficial ways as research proves even at the 100s of times the dose in laboratory research, and the Cayenne increases circulation so the OLE, which is good for circulation too sets up more of the defensive structure deeper and deeper in each time you take these two herbs. E.g. it may "cure" sinusitis in two or three times.)

....Keep in mind that even though the good news is that herbs can now help 100% or more of CFS symptoms, CFS is a complex illness and there's more to solve than the symptoms, e.g your risk of cancer is higher, so you need to also take herbs like acai with astragalus to reduce the risk as I say elsewhere on this site.

If you're not with the great wall and rich in modern art, there are actually more of the rich in russia than in the US so the rich Forbes sites read, if the japanese allow the comic business of profit and the singing horse or the dancing Santa Clause why shouldn't all the world be rich while the web is blessed!

..The rest of this page is about other options you may have to reduce fatigueif plan A above is not avaliable to you or you want a more optimal method to suit you.



....This May Be of Worth For Additional Progress Toward a Cure Not just Controlling the CFS. I.e. Olive Leaf Nourishes your immune system, and as I say it's often a cure with cayenne for inflammations not just control like OTC's;
CFS and weariness are about the Herpes virus, HHV6. Almost 99% of the people have this virus, found in 2005. the herpes virus lowers blood pressure and causes the fatigue and flulike symptoms. Antivirals have been proven to dramatically improve CFS and fatigue. Most people don't notice the Herpes Virus early in life because it lurks in the body till something like stress makes it more active. CFS, Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) and Octacosanol, derived from wheat, are both true antivirals that both stop HHV6. (Wheat germ extract is a herb containing octacosanol from which octacosanol is derived so it may be best and more natural. Even so keep in mind that wheat germ oil has large doses of vitamin A and vitamin D which can cause kidney or liver problems, or exacerbate them. I still valued wheat germ oil for improving cancer I might have had and that's more common with CFS, so I take it at low dose and about once a week before toxicity builds up. A person's chance of surviving cancer is far greater with wheat germ oil is far greater with wheat germ oil than without.) Taking octacosanol with OLE may cleanse you or anyone of the HHV6 so completely it may stop all the CFS symptoms, and the wheat extract may be better yet. Both CFS and octacosanol lower blood sugar so alternation of wheat germ oil and OLE may be best and with monitoring of blood sugar. If this is not for you, a good general strategy is the same, antivirals not other ways like stimulants may be the cure for CFS and other energy issues. Stimulants only may control it while herbs like OLE or wheat may go to the cause with a simpler and more effective defense especially those that stop the herpes HHV6.) Olive Leaf Extract permanently stops viruses like HHV6 from copying by dissolving the protein coat. OLE was being considered from 2008 or so to be a possible real solution for CFS; among other things it kills every germ or virus known to man without changing the bodies own cells in any way other than many beneficial ways like lowering bad cholesteral a third increasing feelings of well being, relaxing the blood vessels, cleansing and strengthening the heart, and so on. There are a whole long list of other advantages for O.L.E. which costs about 3 a month and will cure you except for the inflammations with dramatic improvements for CFS.
CLICK HERE FOR MORE.. Even so some symptoms may remain and with CFS you may realize even some symptoms must be stopped. Activive or Activive with OLE or wheat extract may make it so you go from the CFS agony to more power and fitness than you know what to do with. Click here for more about octacosanol, used by athletes. Wheat germ oil has been well researched since the 1960's and OLE was known for it's miraculous powers since the early 1800's, but lost power in vivo compared to in vitro till it was recently learned how to extract it. OLE even if being used for tropical illnesses and for illness like polio, you may find is not enough. If you're tired for CFS or any reason Olive Leaf and wheat extracts may be great news for you! There are no low levels of a dish like pizza above!

....The problem with plan B and other plans like D Ribose is that while Olive Leaf (and it's booster ceyanne) solve the symptoms well they have other problems like low blood sugar or some edginess (octacosanol; or Panax ginseng, see below) and they aren't designed exactly for CFS. With Activive you may feel like exercise without a levitation machine on your atomic power pack, or you are the machine! (The lift machine may actually be with an oscillating part of a circle (not all of it) and this generates the force in just one direction creating lift as in the patents on the IP. If enough power was achieved from a motor, you just strap it on and up you go, safer than helicopter or other air lift machines because it interacts with the inertial field of the earth not the air, more reliable, more efficient, and a gyrocopter blade above may make a safer emergency system. I think this may be one use of the IP of these machines.)

For optimal worth the OLE PM perhaps half a dose of liquid AM Activive may be best, Active, Vive and Alive.

...If I were an etymologist and tried to hock all my cash, how would anyone hock more cash saved is cash earned! And what does CFS have to do with other than my great generous realtor, she sells us lots at the March lawn sale!


While medical science hasn't had even one test that can prove if the person is tired, there was finally a method devised (in the early 00's is this a month!) to prove if you have CFS and this may be of worth to prove CFS like if the the doctor tries to refuse care. This about denial of assistance had been tried by those who say, e.g. PWC's are just making up an illness to receive social security money that was undeserved, but the disproof of this is in research that shows that in nations without welfare, the incidence of CFS is the same as other nations. I think for the behavioural cause it may be the over stimulation caused by overcrowding. And while you know how where you live makes you feel after all, there is obviously a physical cause or element of CFS and other fatigue or there would be no dramatic improvement via cheap herbs, ect. If you have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, or are just a bit weary as most people are these days, you may find the following of worth;
. There's evidence CFS is iron related, I think iron may cause stress by way of oxygen depletion and over saturation, that may weaken the immune system and the herpes virus then takes control. if you are aware of much weariness when you eat iron with vitamin C which causes more iron absorption. Tomatoes and potatoes with both iron and vitamin C are both found to be bad, some of the wost foods for untreated CFS. This could be because either more or less iron in most people is known to cause fatigue.

How Iron May Also be Involved With the Cause of Chronic or Other Fatigue..

When Person's With CFS's (PWC's) stand up they report that the symptoms are the worst, and low blood pressure standing up (orthostasis) is 97% correlated with untreated CFS when PWC's stand up. I think the way most people or others get CFS or have general more mild weariness may thus be because of usual dieting that would stop evolution's stomach muscle belt (the main general method nature has of most not developing orthostasis or certainly one of the more import because it limited downward flow of circulation in evolution when we stood up). In most four footed animals if you raise them on their hind paws with no stomach belt like we have they die in 30 minutes because of low blood pressure. When our circulation would go down this causes iron and the oxygen to flow down to the legs. It's already known in CFS submaximal oxygen uptake (the metabolism of the oxygen on rapid change) is higher but the maximal oxygen uptake is the same as in other persons. (If breath is strong as a horse many have lots of power.) This higher submaximal O2 may be a main cause of weariness and how CFS is caused. With the physical downward flow of circulation and physical dilation of blood vessels (by gravity and fluid pressure) of orthostasis, the flow of the iron would cause more rapid absorption and metabolism of oxygen to the legs. When oxygen metabolizes, it converts to carbon dioxide and other acidic metabolites (products of metabolism). Acidity and carbon dioxide are known to cause? You guessed it! Dilation of blood vessels. This would bring more iron down causing more metabolism, more carbon dioxide and thus would repeat in a downward cycle and it's possible this cycle may be involved in all chronic weariness. Olive Leaf Extract (O.L.E.) is a true antiviral that stops the virus thought to cause CFS from copying permanently. The virus is in muscle and may operate by constriction of muscle fibers restricting flow of circulation. This could also cause the low blood pressure by stopping the flow of circulation to the muscle, causing more acidic CO2 buildup, which would then dilate the blood vessels and repeat the cycle of lowering overall blood pressure and increasing arterial blood pressure in the arms and legs by way of the CO2. It seems that whatever causes CFS is about low blood pressure, because other OTC's like Activive are known to operate by relaxing the muscle fibers which are unrelaxed in CFS. By Activive's motif of allowing muscle to not be continually contracted this would seem to tell us high blood pressure not low would be the problem without Activive as the pressure would build up before the muscle, where it couldn't flow through. So the low blood pressure of people with CFS would still seem to be caused be the acidic CO2 way to lower blood pressure. Most or all of the immune system and other symptoms of CFS would then just be caused by lack of flow of oxygen, as well as the too rapid heartbeat when standing.

...If you have a pump such as a hydraulic compresser and it's in the fluid around it and it has pipes that reach, it will pump all the way down and up for deep cleansing. Two important things happen if you lift the pump up out of the slosh. With less pressure to resist, heart/pump speeds up, found in the tachycardia (fast heart) of CFS and much reduced cleansing flow reaches the more distant realms of the arms and legs. So the chest doesn't hurt PWC's (Persons With CFS) but the arms and legs do, the arms would ache less as the PWC's report without as much downward pressure on the arms than the legs. The arms are also nearer the heart. This uneven pumping of the heart may reduce flow of oxygen to the legs by an easier shorter loop of circulation just in the torso and not as much to the arms and legs, causing the weariness and immune woes and the confusion and other symptoms by reduced flow the legs and not enough to the brain. So too by this way of looking at CFS based on what's known and how herbs work to help CFS the cause of fatigue may be this general more mechanical short circuit of the circulation of torso and the arms and legs, and a second short short circuit inside the legs and arms where the blood pressure outside the muscles is too low and the muscles are too constricted to allow oxygen to reach the muscle as much. When the blood pressure of the circulation is higher or the muscle are relaxed, there's either more pressure to force blood into the muscles and to carry away carbon dioxide on both sides in balance or there's enough pressure for oxygen to reach the muscle if not so contracted even if blood pressure is low and good for the RN's praise.. Immune malfunction as some think wouldn't be the cause of CFS when PWC's stand up if circulation was the more probable cause. The immune system is usually slower than one or two seconds, and staying in one position in PWC's doesn't cause, and moving a bit causes pain.

..That progesterone and herbs like panax and eleuthro ginsing (that have in common the raising of blood pressure) offer a moderate amount of relief from CFS is evidence that hormones or blood pressure are involved in CFS or I can just rerun Denise Austin 20 times!

..Obviously all power of muscle is going to be reduced with poor circulation. The way the vasoconstrictors like ginseng constrict all the huge volume of blood vessels without a large amount of chemical change is by way of the sphincter muscles of the capillary beds, these small muscles control the flow to the much larger region of the bed at the edge, so it just takes a bit of ginseng to raise the blood pressure to more moderate levels.


..Orthostasis isn't low blood pressure, it's actually defined as inability to adjust to changes in position. Activive seems to work by relaxing the muscle so the blood pressure is balanced more by both flowing down through and with a complete balance of pressure both down and up, while ginseng may work by the "less natural" method of constriction of the muscles of the capillary beds, this stops the reduction of blood pressure of CFS before it would start to multiply downward to improve the main short circuit in a general roundabout way while Activive may balance it on a smaller scale. Activive completely stops symptoms of PWC's (including in the heat having to stand for awhile such as in stores, and hot baths when it's the most severe in PWC's. Heat also is known to dilate blood vessels, leading to the cycle above and would fit in with this way of thinking about the physiology of muscle energy and weariness.). Activive may operate by building up solidly from below while ginseng might only work by stopping the downward physiochemical mechanism of fatigue or CFS from the top down by control. The buildup by balance is more like how civilization and laws evolved, not by control from the top down by government regulation, but rather from the bottom up by the health and good of most of the citizens both constructively and in self control and defence being able to help others by being able to help themselves.
... Ginseng is considered one of the safest herbs there is. It's called an adaptogenic, this means it helps you many ways and no harm is found.(Of all ginsengs, panax with OLE may be the best for CFS, because unlike siberian ginseng, panax is much less edgy when you adjust, so you have more power even on days when you change it like by timing. For more about how to make the most of OLE and panax later in this page, when you read it you will already be aware at the speed of light sites I hope, we travel in both sites and hours on the web..)

. You can see why CFS can be well controlled but not cured by ginseng or other ways to raise blood pressure to moderate levels by way of the capillary beds. The iron is still trying to weigh down, and iron is involved, for example CFS has most of the symptoms of hemachromatosis, too much iron. Too much iron has about the same symptoms as too little, so the definition of orthostasis as pain when changing position can be seen as too much and too little iron or CO2 in such as in legs and torso in general, this is a prediction of this possible way of explanation of CFS. While orthostasis is found to be low blood pressure, and difficulty adjusting to changes in position, the overall iron is not found to be too much or little, as they find no unusual iron levels in tests. But the local flow would be with the CFS symptoms following from this. And no doubt, the muscles of the torso would have lower blood pressure than the arms or legs, which would have high blood pressure on the muscle. The causology predicts this and a much larger difference between the two and when PWC's change position, this changes the physical flow of the circulation. Obviously without oxygen or with too much CO2 to muscle this would cause fatigue.

Note, If this MORE ABOUT OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT AND TWO CAUTIONS.. pg doesn't click read down list of memos on the left of page and click the Olive Leaf link.

In my explanation of CFS the main method of CFS reduction achieved by ginseng is by constricting arteries and raising blood pressure, slowing the physical flow of the circulation down when standing or standing in the heat. With reduced flow downward, the iron cycle never starts. If the iron explanation is so, fatigue or CFS may be like literally toting a heavy iron weight wherever the PWC or others would go. Herbs like panax are of worth because they make you much stronger at lifting this load by constriction of the circulation.

.No one has won a Peace Prize in the science of the physics of weariness. They say Olive Leaf Extract leaves a person with CFS like a kitten stretched out in the heat powered sofa at Christmas, (mine's a sleeping bag, evolution's SPF 450), but it may not be as good for CFS as the new pharmaceuticals like Lyrica, Activive or Fybromya. If the O.L.E. and Octacosanol with ginseng don't help you I would be suprised. 4 or so alarms may be best for taking herbs (two AM and PM one for the general wake up and the other to get the exact minute) because the ginseng uses precise timing, you may be a bit edgy otherwise. To change the timing of the ginseng as infrequently as you can may be best (Unlike eleuthro ginseng you must discontinue panax every three weeks for two weeks to prevent general toxic buildup in your system.) otherwise it (panax) will strain your adrenals and damage them with time.

These are specific motifs for CFS. If you don't have CFS but would like to improve your energy levels, if the way CFS starts is via loss of the stomach muscle belt, lowering blood pressure when standing, the best exercise to make sure you don't get CFS and to prevent it may be the stomach muscles for your most solid first line of defense, and other exercise, such as upper legs which show correlation in strength with resistance to CFS. (They actually show more correlation than exercises of the stomach muscle belt and if CFS is caused by low BP this would be like a large tube of paint when you squeeze in the middle raising general blood pressure, without CFS paint fills the whole tube to the top, so squeezing in the middle raises the pressure higher up. PWC's have just half the blood volume of other's so squeezing the paint tube in the middle compresses the paint down more than up. Building up lower down in the upper legs would correlate the most with CFS improvement as they find because you squeeze the tube more of the middle of the paint.) Watching your iron levels by not eating the iron in like junk food's iron which is not real iron (it's synthetic iron and it's unknown if it's safe). Iron also causes other woes like heart disease. Most older people get low blood pressure when standing even with high blood pressure at rest.

...The immune problems are perhaps a symptom of CFS and not the cause if caused mostly by lack of oxygen to the immune defence. True these problems may make It worse and Because the Immune System Once Damaged Is Not Easy to Repair Because it Is a Delicate Machine, The Good News Is The Main Cause May Be Controlled Or Cured Almost 100% all the Time By Activive with OLE or These Three Herbs OLE, Panax, and Octacosanol. (And D Ribose with these two herbs for short term Anti CFS maximum power boost. Ribose synthesizes ATP. You may ask why not just buy ATP suppliments? The answer is because the wimpy doses in suppliments is almost worthless for energy, your heart alone uses 14 pounds of ATP a day. With ribose you get a lot more ATP, otherwise you would have to eat 30 pounds of ATP a day for the same energy boost.).

I mention above about Ribose "great" for CFS except there are better options because Ribose lowers blood sugar to hazardous levels. Ribose does indeed boost ATP the body's energy chemical a lot more than just ATP suppliments, even so Activive is safer. Ribose is to be "taken with extreme caution" if you have blood sugar issues, and I would think it may cause them. Therefore, other ways to boost ATP with a better safety profile are Coenzyme Q 10, a vitamin like compound good for dental health, important in CFS, and flax. The flax seeds are recommended over the oil which goes rancid and harms omega fat receptors, unlike the seeds you crunch. In addition flax actually builds neurons and is a great simple cheap toxin cleanser unlike the complex herbal brews sold in health food stores. Like studies have shown with B vitamins, you may be smarter in time with flax, it's also a feel good "herb". Because of the brain building power of flax (ALA) and B vitamins you may emerge smarter and with better reflexes in just 4 to 8 weeks...Be sure to take borage and flax with fish oil and in a 3/6/9 omega formula, this will save your good fat receptors and More Good News is you will find this is an amorous boost when you're with The Wave And the National Anthem in The Bleachers in March. Fish oil is also good for your sweetheart and has other health advantages, mermaids are sweet!

If immune problems are not the cause of CFS this may be proven by herbs like Olive Leaf Extract, and Activive that improve CFS. With more control like of CFS by OLE, no limit to circulation by muscle uncontracted would be present, the oxygen reaches more cells, so less immune problems may occur in PWC's who start out with OLE at the onset of CFS if caused by lack of oxygen, this may also be true about oxygen and the mitochondria if the problem here is also about oxygen deficiency caused by muscles contraction blocking it's flow to more cells.

High iron in legs also causes low magnesium=lower energy ect ect. 365 times (no mag if you have kidney problems, mag in dish is safe they say) Epsom salts are good if your kidneys and liver are good. Read the label of these products for cautions.

So If You're Weary Here May Be Why;

When standing/and or heat and/or other stress

Vessels Dilate

Iron goes down With Flow Of Circulation

Submax Oxygen uptake Via Iron higher in CFS

More Co2 and other acid metabolites (Products of metabolism)

Acidity dilates blood vessels more

Repeat of cycle perhaps several times (Blocked by Constriction of Muscle..)

Low blood pressure in heart speeds up heart

Circulation can't reach legs as much/Too much blood in arms and legs both/usual amount in torso/pain in arms and legs

Not enough oxygen to brain (confusion ect.)

Immune hurt by poor circulation of Oxygen

High iron in legs also causes low magnesium=lower energy ect ect.

........Siberian Ginseng (not Panax) also known as eulethro helps much by constriction of blood vessels before going to muscle, energy boost.......Eulethro is cheap and better than no other without OLE if you had to do without, but because panax is not so edgy in feeling like if you miss the alarm, panax with OLE, and sometimes for the most stressful situations Activive with D ribose, panax or OLE may be the best option as I say below.

The tension of the muscle if relaxed would solve the poor circulation because the tightened muscle would otherwise act to reduce the complete loop of the circulation from the heart to the muscles and back. And the muscle as a barrier would also explain why many PWC's have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and heavy metal problems. The muscle would act as a filter and limit the cleansing out of toxins and the poor circulation also. Activive and other herbs are not the solution and a complete explanation of the cause of CFS may be of real worth not just to control but to prevention or even cure of CFS eventually.

P.S./While Progesterone helps greatly, it's been found by the state of CA that it's a known mutagen. It may help "balance your hormones on their own" (you'll know hormones are much involved by way of the ginseng because ginseng acts like an adrenal hormone, somewhat "like adrenaline but safer") I believe progesterone is definitely not worth the risk. "Olive Leaf Extract will cure you in perhaps four months" while progesterone will give you cancer and "the elevated risk of cancer with progesterone never goes down once you stop taking it". The main known side effect with OLE is that it lowers blood sugar, so if you have diabetes and CFS both you may want to consider Activive only, which stabilizes blood sugar and reduces the risk of cancer while controlling the CFS quite well. Olive Leaf Extract may not cause so much lower blood sugar to not be worth the risk. And octacosanol (as of 2010) has some side effects, so wheat oils that have octacosanol already may be safer. With other herbs your uncured CFS may go on and on indefinitely, while with CFS it's cured and low blood sugar is often healthy in those without diabetes. If you know someone who's been hurt by the false claims of the progesterone vendors, you may want to consider class action websites that may make you rich. The progesterone business is saying it's not the same as progestin, which is what really causes cancer, not progesterone, from which they hope to profit. Please see My Disclaimer.


They've found hormones in beer, after 12 pints of beer men went on the Wheel is Right and won a SA ship visit!
To reduce your risk of cancer with CFS or progesterone, two herbs may be of worth to you, neither with any known side effects or counterindications as of 1-2010, acai, and astragalus. Acai reduces cancer cells by apoptosis up to 87% and astragalus up to 50% so in combination you may have no problem, more about this later, or CLICK HERE, no doubt, this is intended for information only. Acai is also a stimulant and weight reduction booster as seen on talk shows, they talk fast when they exercise, and this is actually the truth, when you talk it may you rev up a marathon as you run around the room!

PPS 12 18 07/About Fybromya. Fibromya may work by way of my belief about low blood pressure in CFS. Fibromya makes the body alkaline, this would stop the acidic metabolites and iron from causing the vasodialation of the CFS and stopping all the rest by limiting another part of the pathway. Fibromya and Lyrica may both be better than progesterone overall because the risk of cancer may be lower. Fybromya did nothing for me before OLE or Activive, well not nothing actually, it made me feel real bad! Gods chosen people may be searching for the web and cyber church!

Colostrum may help (or cure some say) CFS by leveling iron (such as submax Oxygen uptake) and stopping immune woes.

This is the absolute next phase of my search (you get the benefits of my indepth search as you see on this site all these methods of solving CFS are like OTC's and I've basically found the safe, cheapest and most powerful ones in order that my health be most improved);

..Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2, This I think may be good for cleansing. When you put this in your ear for ear wax, all the sound you hear is caused by the bacilli giving up CO2. The idea is that if you do the same for your body in general you cleanse parasites the same way hydrogen peroxide is produced naturally and used by every cell in the body. It may have real cleansing power for throwing off more of the load and the viruses. Mice given hydrogen peroxide live a third more in mouse months and are twice as much in size of muscle power. "Food grade hydrogen peroxide is the only one that's safe". Higher grade is used for rocket fuel, so while with lower powered H2O2 you just blast on, you may never blast off!

Hydrogen Peroxide is controversial because it seems to be both harmful and helpful according to different research, better may be clove powder, taken with food it makes a better mouth cleanser than many mouth rinses, it's strongly antiseptic to help your mouth which often is inflamed in CFS and may cause you the pain of toothache and gum disease. Cloves not only save your mouth if used with a sensible program of flossing brushing and other mouth cleansers, it also is the only herb known that keeps parasites from coming back. The advantage of cloves is that you don't have to use so much of the more powerful (hazardous) mouth rinses, and you save a mint of flavor, and you have a more optimal option. Dilute cloves well.

Calm Amazin Me!

Also Recommended For CFS (Or Other Fatigue)

...It takes a lot more of your energy to digest with all the enzymes processed out of food. PWC's are generally short of enzymes. The spray of water on your arms and legs in the hot weather is cooling which helps CFS by constriction of blood vessels. I spray vinegar which has enzymes on my legs each AM when I wake up in the summer to not forget. Then I'm awake all year round! (Vino causes tooth enamel to wear by acidity. To take when you eat dilute the vino and slosh it above your tongue above your teeth as much as you can then down to your stomach while you eat. Water will neutralize the acid of vino and sugar saving teeth from the acid of sugar. Vino is also good to lose weight. They don't know that much about long range use so use a reduced dose here also.) Cooled vino sprayed on arms and legs are of worth in the heat (Just loop the sprayer handle over the door beams in the side of the door of your refrigerator for fast access). The cooling of Vino constricts your leg capillaries and keeps your blood pressure higher in the heat and is good for both energy on hot days and soothing sprayed on muscle relief for about an hour, and exercise. The Olive Leaf Extract and Activive makes you so you're in the general realm good enough, so you then have the capacity to feel the additional power. In the heat you also may be too cool in the air conditioners indoors, you can use the spray jug outdoors and when you go in for a while, the jug is hot for being outside, so to spray more on your legs actually keeps you from either freezing or too hot out doors in the hot weather.

.. You can boost your metabolism by 25% with mustard and ceyanne, (which makes all other herbs more powerful without interaction). Mustard from the store has vinegar in it, but lots of salt, if your blood pressure is not too low generally, try a mustard plaster on your skin.

..The insurance is higher for dental anesthesia with CFS because the chance PWC's won't come out of anasthesia is higher (the rate for most perople is 1 in 100) there are at least two other options for you. Laser dental drilling is one option of worth to PWC's because it needs no anasthesia, and a new invention called the perioshield is when the dentist makes an impression of your teeth and you wear an upper an lower plate that seals away your gums from food with medicine inside the plate to heal your gums while sealing out the air water and food the germs that cause periodontal problems need to function. CLICK HERE For My Golden Shout About Mouth Health!

Another good general energy booster is a B100 B vitamin complex exercise or stress reduce it and you usually may be deficient with CFS.

This week I read where outfits will collect the power when you run and stretch to power other machines (10 5 30th). This seems old wave, I always exercised in marathons on the shore and got power in more than in much of my life!!

One good thing about Octacosanol is it's much faster acting than other energy herbs, and it works! Sounds like it would; Octane, and a Go sign and More Than All!

As you may have heard it's been found that just doing slow exercise with weights for just 30 minutes a week maintains muscle mass, and it sounds rather wild but other science seems to prove that if you just think about exercise you stay ahead of people who exercise in fitness for about a year. I would think this may be more because the exercisers in the research are exercising wrong, it took me years of practice to realize the best way to exercise is both some heavier lifts say 10 or 20 per workout and some fast aerobic exercise without weights for heart health, but the most exercise of worth is with moderate weights at higher speed and the right angle than the heavy weights and more power than the aerobics. My fitness stayed about the same for years lifting the heavy weights and this method of lifting the moderate weights by cycling and recycling power from first a bit uncomfortable to slower and then more flexes and slower in cycles is like a computer or science that that goes in cycles to solve more problems, it's not too much or too little, so the best is somewhere between. The surface of the earth is where most of the life is but the life is cycling in evolution, all there is is a balance, of hot and cold, bad and good, fit and fat. Good news is you can exercise like 4 hours a day like I often will with these herbs and feel great. Activive reverses enzyme deficiency, the old Activive did already, the new Activive does too, and it's much more powerful for fatigue, they've completely reformulated the liquid formula Activive.

.Most PWC's have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, low thyroid caused by the overactive immune system attacking it. This may be aided by cats claw and IP3 (Inositol found in soy) and perhaps Miatake which balance immune function on the thyroid area, here again take on the near tissue to minimize interactions and to maximize value. Coconut oil is also good for low thyroid. And kelp, from seaweed contains iodine, use kelp only as directed, more is not better.

.. Another Powerful CFS Defense... is the web. An A to Z Toolbox may be the best because you can cut and paste into wordpad or outlook from all the CFS sites you consider of worth, and read the best of the web without having to laboriously go through page after page of the sites. With many CFS inflammations, if your nose is sniffles, just bootup and you have the answer fast without online hours. Still feel bad? Go online, cut and paste right in your toolbox where you can find it some more! Offline a while? Meditate on what you learn reading the Toolbox whenever you feel bad. The AZ method is my own invention and while it took me a year to find out about OLE while reading where I had listed it before, there's no telling how many more web sites I might have gone through to find it without this use of my web machine. You can make one of these for any important problem of your life or to learn any skill, e.g. a foreign language or math. You can use this to keep track of you web activities like business plans ("did you send them the memo, when, what's my best current move? and you can and date each memo and list URLS in the AZ and Arizona to save hard drive space, or "create more space"! Well who knows? If I think of what's in college exams and the marm spells a word, it won't matter, if she's sweet we'll be alert.) I list the memos with the month and date to list them both in and out of order and to see what's best. With good info and a fast easy way to find it (just bootup to your desktop) you're going to have a real memory boost. I've just had my CFS toolbox a while and I feel rum. The TB has often helped me find the best defenses. This is better than the web alone for the reasons on my Click Here related site. As I say on the link you save more than memory to boost your machine.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Control Inflammations Caused by CFS, and other CFS Issues

And Why Olive Leaf May Be One Of The Best Of These Alt.Boosters.

Click Here for another important update , How you can use just one 5 dollar a month herb (Olive leaf) if combined with another cheap cooking herb for all or most of your inflammations to CURE them! Otherwise you'll find olive leaf alone is not enough. This may be major health news, to you, or anyone with inflammations. A way to replace a box of herbs with just olive leaf and ceyannne the herb and then none except e.g. for use of olive leaf (an antiviral) for CFS itself, now known to be caused by the HHV virus. I'm serious, Wynona sings in OH!

This may save you years of inflammations without cure, and often risk of incurable pain e.g sinusitis. For skin problems like itching common in CFS by drying details click here, by this method your winter comfort, cold feet may be real improved your audience will be real! If you have ankle itching like I had in winter because of socks, while this may not seem a problem it can be severe if it builds up. I searched for 20 years for a solution including Calamine Benadryl, washing and washing and so on, finally I found that simple hair conditioner is a truly powerful way to stop external chafing, especially combined with something like baking soda or MSM and drying. Caution not for use with Hydrogen Peroxide. May cause blemishes.


Other CFS Problems/Solutions

For more energy yet, CLICK HERE for my Exercise Herbs Page, E.G. I use a B vitamin supplement like B 100, B vitamins are used in almost all chemical reactions in physiology, vitamins both used in moderation in general. I take a Multi like Centrum but only half because you can get too much of the B Vitamins which is not good when I take them in another dose too for more of the B. Watch when taking a complex ot vitamins to take no more than the safe amount of any of the vitamins or compounds in the formula by taking the overall safe dose by a method like this.

About exercise, as I say below about cleansing, even though the new Activive is vastly better than CFS without the herb, it has at least 2 limitations, at least at the lower dose of 3 drops AM and PM I take to save money; it's tough to use hot water, and exercise. Another consideration is about the possible risk to safety of the new Activive for long term use, and cost, for now, at any rate. I use a much lower dose than the maker recommends, it works so well this is no problem itself. (See link at upper right, "How To Save While Taking Activive".). While you may find your fitness and general outlook improved Activive seems to have much the same time limitation as CFS to some extent that is to say, while you may find it much easier to exercise, there is a time limit. The solution to have your fitness and comfort both is the older CFS exercise trick you may have learned of exercise for awhile and then stopping before it would toxify your muscles. For whatever reason this is the way it is with CFS, and though exercise is much easier with Activive, and you can do much more heavy lifting and and your thinking will be much more sharp, you may find there is just so much exercise you can do before it toxifies your day, not like five days like before Activive, but still a way to improve. The trick here is to note whatever your exercise limit is with Activive, and stay within this. The American Arthritis Foundation says almost everyone can benefit by some exercise. Exercise is important, and staying within the limit with heavy exercise (mine for whatever reason is 55 minutes) may save you literally months of your life in discomfort if you opt in for fitness. With CFS and the risk of diabetes and cancer moderate exercise may be a lifesaver, why walk when you can run at higher speed than a hearse?

Thus after exercise is a special consideration, where I either take more of the new Activive ot combine this with Olive Leaf Extract, and better is to also take a bit of the older Activive powder I have left over. The new Activive is expensive and it has no side effects unlike other methods including the old Activive so I tend to conserve it by using it in a constant AM PM dose and for when it's most needed so I run out later, with other nonedgy cheaper herbs like OLE for short term use like after exercise, along with some vinegar to cleanse out the toxins more via the exercise. Keep in mind that cooling your legs after exercise will raise your blood pressure and much improve your comfort if your legs are too hot. In the summer, a spray jug of water dissolved in MSM a vitaminlike compound that's been processed out of our food I find is great for energy with Activive! MSM is cheap and a real powerful antibacterial, great for dental salvation. Click here however for one of my more evolved methods; a powerful mechanical almost no cost, 100% safe, all real way to reduce dental inflammations 4/5 in one day (Hint it's about keeping sugar reliably out of contact with your tooth).


IBS and CFS..Most people have parasites, and IBS is common with CFS, this may not be a coincidence, because it's believed by many health experts that IBS is caused by parasites. There are two simple ways I stopped parasites and the IBS. First eating more soluble fiber is good, both for cardio woes which it improves 47%. The kind of fiber is grain fiber and no other fiber has this power for cardio. Second is via hydrogen peroxide on your skin and thyme with cloves. Be sure to boil the thyme and not use it constantly. I use it say two days a week till the parasites are gone fast, also good for energy. It's a feel good herb with chemical structure much like oxytocin but is toxic if you don't boil it in the pot to distill the thyme, though it's a cooking herb and strong to stop parasites thyme is for noncontinuous use. It can be addictive and cause lots of harm via bad side effects if the thuja isn't boiled out and used only say once a week or less to remove the parasites. I've had no further problem with the shoulder or IBS since the thyme in just a day or two (I know because I had parasites on my shoulder and the IBS also suddenly stopped after thyme.). To keep parasites from returning the only way known is cloves, it kills the eggs and not just the parasites. Cloves may be safer to take than thyme, thus follow up with cloves even after thyme. Parasites may mutate and return otherwise.

 You may hear of irradiated fresh cloves as the only cloves of worth; for years I tried cloves that were irradiated I spent a week there one day in Toledo Ohio, and watch the buns rise at the hash house! These irradiated clove formulas were not ground and they cost a lot. They were real tough to chew. Finally I went to the local heath food store (where all are alive more often) and just bough 4 dollars of ground powerded cloves of some grain  ate these by just swallowing them and they worked. They may not be irradiated and they were fresh, even so the flavor wasn't awful and they did digest, so flavor, cost, and power of cloves may not be a problem. So if your health food store has ground cloves in a tub, by all means try them, this is all you may have to do other than perhaps thyme as I say above.

CFS And CANCER.. Because of the immune problems with CFS, or if you are unfortunate to have been taking progesterone from those who sold it (or also perhaps because there was more demand before the better herbs arrived) OLE is a powerful way to boost your immune system so much you'll never have this problem or at least the use of acai and astragalus as I say here may give you a much better defence. Click Here for My CFS cancer site, designed especially for CFS so you have enough energy even with lower ATP to fight the cancer by way of graviola and the other synergistic anti cancer methods designed especially for CFS and also may be of real value for anyone with cancer. See your doctor.

If you may have taken progesterone like many PWC's to counteract the continuous risk of cancer that you may have by progesterone and you know you have cancer, your best defence may also be the herb graviola combined with other herbs, Graviola is 10,000 times stronger to stop cancer than many popular anti cancer drugs and it's the only herb or pharma that permanently stops Multiple Drug Resistant cancer from returning, with graviola the tumors are reduced in days not years or never, and are permanently weakened without harm to the immune system so there's no need to take more graviola if you also take other herbs so you may go from general to complete control. (As I say on my general graviola site.. CLICK HERE..even if graviola is of real value it may not be for you. Graviola has some important cautions. Don't take any herb without careful consideration of both the cautions and advantages. Graviola is not of worth for high dose Activive because graviola operates by shutting down ATP the cancer cells power source (they use 6 to 10 times more ATP than other cells). Activive boosts ATP. The optimal dose for me has turned out to be 4 drops of Activive AM and PM, with hydrogen peroxide, the fabulous power of Activive is in reach, while the Hydrogen peroxide stops the problem caused by progesterone, you find your progress is retained by doctor visits, and so on and by combination with other methods. If you like your jug, you'd have no cost for AAA visits! It's a myth that alternate treatments are as effective as conventional medicine, and are often safer and cheaper.

Even so more good news is that in just two years this may not be so because of RNAi, this is a new treatment for almost any health problem based on an ancient RNA mechanism the coexists with the more well known RNA and is used to help "proofread" RNA. RNA interrupted, RNAi was discovered in 1998 and was an ancient mechanism that life before mammals used to turn off viral proteins, like the little finger of the hand in evolution which has use it may allow a more powerful grip because it allows you to stop water in your ear after you swim in the swimming pool! RNAi is being developed by all major pharmaceutical companies and the first RNAi is expected to be available by Aug of 2010. RNAi is well evolved because it was used by life before we didn't need it after we developed immune systems, it's also simple by way of our knowledge of the genome, since mere minor changes in the RNAi snips are a way to turn on or off the genes that encode proteins and all cells need proteins to build other cells. RNAi is a way to throw a wrench in the machine cells need to copy, rather than mopping up the kitchen via conventional medicine like turning off the steam heat at the sink.. RNAi may be used activate and deactivate 20,000 genes via RNAi with no problem and it seems to be of real worth for liver cancer in trial use in 2010. The problem with using genes for illness, is few have been found, most physiology has turned out to be polygenic, many genes. This may have been because in evolution an organism is a unit, no competition inside. Thus no high power genes may have been needed, because no competition, cooperation was the order of inner life, no competition of the cells from birth to death, or not so much, so the control by genes was not so centralized, even if of high resolution in order to work. Life as in evolution of mutations at the cellular level favors more small changes than few major changes, non metals over metals, a literal gene pool of flowing inner reflections. Thus it may seem if we change some genes, there would be irretrievable harm, all of the chromosomes reflecting an exact perfect inner resolution, like even the ecosystem in a necessary way. All there is has a purpose, and even changing one part of evolution would seem to be bad for all the life of the ecosystem. This might seem to be always true till we look at extinction events, where perhaps 3/4's of the life perished and since life evolved beyond the events, in truth life seems here too more fluid and able to flow in and heal given much of a chance. After all it's in the favor of life to solve problems, and evolution is like a great computer. Therefore if the body is like a miniature ecosystem complete with the same kinds of checks and balances based on general balancing opposites ("for each extensor there is a flexor or when the heart is damaged the renal power must increase") and genes reflect in a more complex way, we might expect that if we change just a few genes with RNAi the result might be more like a necessary wound in surgery that would generally heal. No doubt there is a limit to the advantage of surgery, so even if GE and RNAi or changes in the ecology are of some worth common sense tells us that beyond a definite level, changing genes more than this may be quite unwise. We expect if this is true as with the ecosystem there are definite methods evolution has devised to speed up healing of missing genes or missing life, and we might hope to make use of these if GE or RNAi are much used. In life genes are being turned on an off by Vitamin D at an extremely high rate, and if we must eat GE or other "radiant" hot dish, it may be of worth to take more Vitamin D. I believe the main harm caused by the destruction of the ecosystem may be overcrowding, increased competition for decreased resources per unit person, especially the resource of space to live, if we have no room to move or breath in say 50 years. We can't live without our brain and overcrowding causes strain like people are behaving now in research with mice and overcrowding because overcrowding was not found in evolution for millions of years and the illness caused by the overcrowding would be both evolutions defence in reaction to the unnatural stress like your heart laboring more to balance your renal woes if you had them. CLICK HERE for more EVOLUTION, OVERPOPULATION AND IT'S GENERAL INFLUENCE ON LIFE.

If you hear echo echos, why oh why leave OHIO, Round on the edges and Hi where you live!

 Acai may be of import to anyone with CFS because, like olive leaf it's an energy herb, and in CFS the risk of cancer even without the progesterone is higher than others even in the "cancer epidemic" most people are at risk for. Acai, is abundant in the rain forest. Taking Acia with astragalus, a herb that causes apoptosis of 50% of cancer cells may also be of worth especially when combined with acai, they may stop 137% of cancers when used with OLE. No doubt, in addition to seeing your doctor, always check out the complete safety profile of any herb, often the known safety issues may change, and you want to match the herbs to your own health situation, and you may save money this way too.

One important defense about CFS is about germs, there are about 1100 germs on your kitchen faucet, and even 11 of them may cause sinusitis with CFS, this may then sometimes cause severe incurable pain. You don't want to get a germ, you'll be safe any way because a germ can't multiply without typing instructions! It's been proven that most people put their hand to their nose 3 times a minute, and the main way germs and other bugs enter the body is by the nose. The OLE and ceyanne will cure you of most inflammations. Even so we may want a way to be safe, so I've invented a motion sensing faucet that sends UV or lasers to cleanse any faucet when you enter or leave the room, this may be of worth to nurses and moms and sent to As Seen on The Microwave! Washing your faucets may be of special worth with CFS, especially with the flu headed our way here in 2010.

For Chest Discomfort caused by CFS, CLA a "good fat" that is also good to boost weight loss by 2 times and increase lean muscle by 10% when you exercise is recommended or for anyone, a web search shows CLA boosts heart fitness 19 fold. The bad news is CLA that's in most suppliments is not natural like that CLA found in our food 30 years ago before it was farmed out. This artificial CLA causes blood sugar problems and doesn't seem to cause the loss of stomach fat and build muscle as has been advertised. The good news is that you can get suppliments that have natural CLA. This is of worth to anyone as much on this site, not just PWC's because, in truth, all of us have been weary sometimes. This is why many people have sympathasized with PWC's and others; though not perfect, weariness is common in the cosmos, and so is energy and we so often hope to find the biz beach zoom of the cosmic light, where the grains of sand are stars in your hand, 10,000 on a night at the beach, you won't have cold hands, your flip flops are cozy when you swim!


I got otitis from the ankle itching problem, I solved above with conditioner and e.g. baking soda. Once I got the itching, it was great to shut down with the simple conditioner method on skin. Even so conditioner I don't consider as safe for common use as the following, since conditioner causes blemishes; My method is to put MSM and olive leaf in my ear, anytime it itches, just scratch it, MSM efficiently shuts it down, The more you scratch the more your defense. Atomic power plants are with safe meltdown...

As I say above in the summer, water from a spray jug with water dissolved in MSM a vitaminlike compound that's been processed out of our food I find is great for energy with Activive! MSM is cheap and a real powerful antibacterial, great for dental salvation. Cold constricts Capillaries CCC, raising your Blood Pressure in the heat by spraying on your legs. (this is because as I say above, CFS seems to be related in a real simple way to low blood pressure in your legs, this is why PWC'S say they feel so much better when they lie down).

CFS and Cleansing

If CFS is about viruses and your defenses are lower like for inflammations, it's important to find ways to be clean. After you find great relief with Activive you may find you have a lot more energy, even so most people spend years of their life cleaning and while you rebuild from CFS extra cleaning may not be in reach. Now you'll have the energy to clean, even so you may find use in my site about Secrets of the Super Clean, actually one trick used in numerous ways anyone with enough energy beyond a certain level can save years cleaning This trick is to Reduce Use of your house e.g rug shields so your rug won't wear out, just use one sink so you don't have to clean three, and so on. You'll clean 1/3 as much and be 3/4ths more clean, plus you'll have more time for life like in evolution (Tarzan yell here).

For odor, it's a good idea to take parsely year round, parsely reduces odor from inside. In winter it's good to wear scent control underwear like hunters wear, these are in the "outdoors" department of stores like Wal Mart. Even so water is often near miraculous for reducing risk of skin cancer, and this is higher in CFS due to the immune problems so water is essential for CFS. Better yet may be to spray with hydrogen peroxide a natural deodorant and antibacterial, the best source of oxygen.

You may hear the common quote, "Why aren't you so clean?" for CFS. Often the person saying this would know with non Activive CFS it disables PWC's for for a week. When I had CFS I missed my hot showers and baths a lot and you may find even with Activive baths are stressful for a day or two. Activive does anything else well but not hot baths, perhaps it causes changes in Oxygen relative to CO2 deeper in than usual, one of the few things Activive seems to not do for CFS. Can't pass FM foam at the beach, so optimal on December 25th, save on the FM residuals.. Heat alone with Activive is no problem, waves no problem, just the wave with the heat. Finally I realized that in the heat I would go outside and spray my arms and legs with just a bit of cool water with no problem and this is a good way to take a bath; heat up with heat in the indoors, remove my outfit, spray the water or soapy water or hydrogen peroxide, and then just wash off with the towel. My bathtub and towel is in a jug! This method is especially good after exercise for cleansing the perspiration, with CFS skin inflammations like with germs are common, and the germs feed on perspiration, using H2O2 in moderation helps stop the problem at it's source. Hydrogen Peroxide is a deodorant and anti bacterial, it gives oxygen and lab animals given hydrogen peroxide live 1/3 more in age and build up lean muscle. This is fast, saves hundreds a year in hot water and no bathtub to clean. Always read and follow instructions. Ultimately since I found Hydrogen peroxide isn't for continuous use of for use on large areas of the body, and never for internal use, I devised a dry bath method using clay and baking soda. The clay is Terramin brand. Clay remedies 954 380 5272, as I say on my clay site, it has many wonderous uses. For a more moist bath, as I say in blue near the top of this post MSM and water in a spray jug are a cheap powerful sort of bath, not only this, it's energy giving, at least if in addition to Activive.This is a way to cleanse when you can tolerate it. Water and liquid soap in a spray jug alternating with the H2O2 say one day a week may also be of value.

.... Though we read sites that say Hydrogen Peroxide hasn't been approved for anything, it's being used by farmers to much boost yield of plants, and anything so much like water found abundantly with life that also yields lots of oxygen seem by way of common sense to be underrated for use if not yet known. Gravity is there and hasn't been approved yet it has uses untold. My belief is if there haven't been uses "of worth" yet found, sooner or later uses will be.

According to this site

"The body is like a world. In the world of the body are millions of microorganisms--little creatures each seeking their own habitat, food and environment. Just as animals in our world live in different climates, eat different foods, multiply, prey upon others, infect, go through metamorphosis, pollute streams, so these little microorganisms invade our bodies and seek out their proper habitats.

These microorganisms do the following:--gnaw away at the joints (inflammatory arthritis)--Give off calcium waste matter that cements bones together--lodge in liver and kidneys, and with their bite form stones--live in the very lining of the arteries and leave their hard deposit on the walls of the arteries--cling to the lining in the nervous system and short- circuit some of the electronics in the central computer of the brain--attack cells and enter them, building cocoons around the stricken cell thus cutting off the blood supply and causing the cell to lose its specific function, so that it can only live and multiply into cancerous tumors. More oxygen is the solution for most or all of this.

"One of the best sources of this healing oxygen is in hydrogen peroxide", it's natural and found in mother's milk, in rainwater, and many cities in Europe have added Hydrogen Peroxide to the water supply. Thus cleansing with the hydrogen peroxide is a bath that's cheap, clean, energising, and has a multitude of health advantages, good for either PWC's or anyone if used in moderation...

CFS and Feeling Good About Life, Click Here for how and why to improve with Cooking herbs and Vitamins e.g. ginger and D3 in the right combination, a shortcut to returning from CFS. This like much of my page is for anyone who wants to find more optimal solutions that may or may not be related to CFS, e.g. the method on this link is good for anyone to feel good more often.

..Research shows that learning a foreign language makes your brain stronger, so too learning English or your own language better especally with comedy may be of more worth yet to feel good. As has been well known, comedy improves memory as much as creativity, think memorable not material is a good saying about life! MRI research shows when you remember you actually use the same realms of our brain that you use to plan ahead, perhaps because both are like a movie that we memorise from start to finish. To learn about comedy, here's my site How I Built My Own Comedy Machine, and Saved! about how I make efforts more reliably create comics out of Substitute Words and other tricks I learned from mnemonics books and comedy like Hee Haw for higher improvements than a hog who sings hog calls! For a more abridged version of this about why I believe learning lists of Substitute Words and my special prayer methods are great for health Click Here. Just doing anything active, even singing to the radio and no doubt comedy has been found to make you feel good in general! So far the only sites with "brain exercises" I've seen are just with older stuff like math puzzles and trivia. The comedy machine is how to custom engineer my comics, so it's better than just general exercises. Soon there may be more brain exercises online, as of yet mine is the best I've seen because The Machine is more customizable.

Another way to feel good often is to eat right by finding good sources of food and using the sources most, a sort of refreshing wellspring of life. For example I go in the store and search out the nofat unsweetened yogurt, and add my own sweet flavor when I reach my own realm of life, it's high quality protein, without even a bit of poison added! And it makes me feel good for hours. I just ignore all the rest of the milk products like cheese with all the huge dose of fat and salt. For my source of veggies, a veggie blend the frozen food is cheap like the yogurt and it makes you feel good too because it totally cleanses out your liver. For grains since half of what we eat is supposed to be cereals I buy 12 grain cereal from Brownville Mills online, cheap unprocessed grain not the poison breakfast cereals that have the bogus iron and real real price! Another good source of healthy grain is ground flax, all this is utmost cheap at Walmart. I use stevia the herb that's the sweetest herb with no side effects, this is a pure source of sweetener. Japan consumes 20 tons of stevia a year.

For dieting to save you time with my years of research, I believe stevia seems best. Puritan's Pride offers Stevia plus inulin a "natural fiber"at a seemingly cheap 5 6 oz containers for just 17 posted! Click here for the best I've seen on the internet or in the world, or on the world! Inulin is "not digested" but it's somewhat more complex and so I recommend reduced consumption of this type of stevia with inulin "to the max" till the safety of inulin is more well established. This is the best yet I've seen in price and value for and sweetener for dieting because other stevia like in Wal Mart or K mart has dextrose, sugar that here makes the "health advantage" worthless. If I find more value in sweeteners I'll let you know here. To get through the diet hype, stevia seems best (xylitol while awesome for dental problems, is bad for internal use, sorbital too causes internal discomfort, and so on.. good when you see your sweet dental 18 she'll say OOH and AHH, when she sees your X rays.). I've tried stevia that has honey powder and not much stevia causing tooth problems and other types of more "worthless sweeteners" to CFS, PWC's it seems are not just more influenced by bad sweeteners like sucralose and other compounds, more probable is others have the same harm they cause, we just are able to percieve it more reliably not less so, in these times perhaps a survival advantage of CFS these days with the woes caused by food processing. By using pure sources and no doubt with other like herbs or produce for more options if at somewhat higher cost, you can feel great by way of your food and you're more healthy.


With CFS the risk of prostate woes is higher, T is lower and risk of cancer is higher. Most older men have prostate problems and a good cheap safe way to improve prostatitis is with rye pollen extract, it's "a cure" because it offers "long lasting" or "permanent" improvements. To buy rye pollen a much cheaper solution than prescriptions and safer than operations Click Here. When prostatitis improves there often are sensational boosts in libido and hormones are in balance. The prostate is like a T absorber, leaving otherwise too much E. See your doctor. This is not medical advice or a cure for prostate cancer, another type of illness.

The list of other CFS problems I don't mention here is more extensive, e.g. your mitochondria and often your adrenals are reduced, the mitochondria they are finding way to solve to live perhaps 1/3 longer, to solve adrenal reduction you may want to try bovine adrenal extract, a classic CFS defence that is said to actually more completely restore and rebuild your adrenals, a way to cure your adrenals after the O.L E ect. have taken the load off your adrenals not just to control the remaining adrenal weariness.

Be careful not to combine higher blood pressure herbs like ginseng with others that cause high blood pressure. Adrenal extract is not the safest way to energy. Even so it rebuilds your adrenals and so it's of more worth than just "control"; olive leaf solves 4/5 of CFS but more cure is of worth here. There is no blood pressure caution for either olive leaf or acai, and they are both wonderous for energy, but they aren't a complete cure. To take adrenal extract to build up adrenal energy it's important to monitor your blood pressure and keep it in a moderate realm of safety during the time when you are. You may notice after olive leaf that when you also take blood pressure raising herbs if needed, the rise in blood pressure correlates to reduced tiredness, even so be cautious, raising it somewhat and then letting it lower before you take more adrenal extract and so on. The safest is perhaps acai and olive leaf, reduces my weight by reading, lifts my heavy volumes and I read about weather maps!

If your blood pressure goes too high for awhile by accident when you experiment with your herbs as many have had to because of their situation with CFS, a fast way to reduce it (if you have CFS at any rate) is hot peppers you have reduced risk of high blood pressure with CFS, even so in order to raise your bp to moderation there is some risk and this will help. Pepper lowers your CFS bp and it improves heart circulation, a walk is also good to lower bp in CFS by orthostasis. Another good ruse is to wear a belt higher up on your chest, a sauna belt is best. This massages your chest and lowers bp while improving circulation. This may save more lives for those with circulation or fluid problems (common with CFS) because it massages by breath continuously while the wearer is asleep or awake, and relieves fluid problems when worn medium or higher or lower around the waist. The other ways to solve heart problems like fish oil, low fat, exercise and so on are also of worth. Even so see your doctor. Keep on mind that Activive used with perhaps some oft he other "elective" energy herbs, Ribose, Panax, Centrum Performance Vitamins, O.L.E. Thyme, the Older Activive on days when you need the most energy or in rotation, the other herbs are not for common use because like these secondary herbs, they may have side effects. in general it's good to rest or rotate your herbs. My plan is simple here, to just take the main energy herbs and the other herbs for other value I consider for long term improvements. There's less value having side effects and interactions then more moderate gradual salvation once your main herbs are of worth. You don't want to have to spend 2/3 of your days feeling as bad as CFS was if you had CFS , hope you feel good about life and always rise higher than a 1924 ship to orbit!

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"Hey, if inventors revised division, Einstein devised math!"