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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Please Read And Understand My Disclaimer.  You Use This Site at Your Own Risk. Always Consult A Professional Before Making Any Changes In Diet Or Lifestyle

 As you may expect with CFS, or general fatigue, it's often more indepth than just solving the tiredness. In general you have resting energy, and herbs like Activive or Una De Gato are great for this. As I say on this link,  (or see the link at the end of post) almost all PWC's test positive for Lyme, and 100% show dramatic improvement with the antiLyme herb Una De Gato. Una De Gato shows dramatic improvement for all who have CFS according the the Herbs For Lyme site, Walking in fields of holly, fields of gold, or lyme green not blue!

 Earlier I found Activive, Activive controls 97% of CFS symptoms including confusion and it reverses enzyme deficiency. ect. It's all natural, and Chemical Sensitivity is not aware of it! It's partially an adrenal booster yet nonedgy and stimulates more by nutrition, the safer way to energize. The only side effect I've had with Activive in five years other than BLESSED relief from CFS like nothing else is if sometimes I miss a dose, mild edginess, no other side effect whatsoevermore. (To get your dose time right with herbs or perscriptions, you can use 4 loud alarms AM and 2 PM to go general to exact, by "changing gears", at near the right time, be sure to list times and use a battery backup if needed in this method of taking herbs at the exact time).

 Uno De Gato U.D.G. is a dramatic way to boost CFS. Higher doses of Saventaro U.D.G. is called TOA and it causes neural toxicity, like a common blues feeling that you won't notice in day to day, but what is absent here is cheer and more motivation, so I'm using Samento U.D.G. which has 2/3 reduced TOA. Click Here  for My U.D.G. how to dose cautions page, or see link at the bottom of post. (If you opt for this method Always increase U.D.G. SLOWLY for safety and comfort!)

 I took UDG at moderate dose for about  18 months and it seems so far to have cured my CFS after I've discontinued and the mild neural symptoms seem to not be permanent. For neural/circulation I always take flax oil, the best way known like for those with diabetes to reverse neural problems, it builds neurons in just 3o minutes. Fish oil also boosts neural brain volume in a year or two, but the neural boost is also sooner, and my neural sense informed my to use my common sense and take flax, fishoil and other neural boosters with UDG.

 So there are things you can do to dramatically improve CFS or fatigue in general, Even while as Activive (Hello Life) claims anyone can take Activive and Activive e.g. is custom made just for CFS, the rest of what these methods may not solve for you is important too. E.g. if you have mitochondrial impairment as I have had from my herbal R&D to find these good herbs, you may need more energy yet to exercise without soreness for days. While Activive and U.D.G. you may find are great as far as they go, you may also want more energy yet, by exercise.


Your body starts to deteriorate in just a few days without exercise. Symptoms start like blood sugar, and cardio impairment are common, even if you are a trained athlete, anyone who stops exercising is at risk. I decided long ago that even with much soreness after exercise I had to go on with it. The absolute first website I ever saw said as I was in my pain, that exercise improves CFS 3/4 and the rest are improved some.  As if a revelation in a way. While exercise was of not much worth at the time, I tried 2,000 types of exercise, and I may have researched 1,000 herbs to find the ones that are of value, my common sense informed me I'm not privileged about health and exercise. I had to go on! Never, NEVER, ever give up... 

 While Activive and U.D.G. have helped me triumph, on general I still had muscle soreness for about 2 days after exercise. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, anyone who exercises may have soreness.

  First you want to remove the CFS symptoms by e.g. Activive and/or UDG as I
 have.  Exercise is considered good for weight control, yet if you are in pain it may make you eat as much due to the stress of the constant soreness, at any rate this for me with Activive and U.D.G. I found to be true, for whatever reason.  If for whatever reason exercise makes you sore enough you can't lose weight even so, and I also am sore half the week, even with advanced methods, then science to the rescue, right now, I couldn't wait 18 years why should you!


Before I had nothing for CFS but much R&D, and certainly nothing for muscle soreness after exercise. The web didn't know then either about CFS or soreness after workouts. First it's good to have general relief, what about exercise? It was believed it was caused by buildup of lactic acid, but experts now believe this was wrong. It's now believed lactic acid is actually used to store energy and it's of worth to athletes.

Finally...Exercise Triumph...!

The real cause of Muscle Soreness after workout was found to be in your joints and tendons, they exude hydrogen ions (free radicals) and this toxifies your muscle nearby. Since almost everything that's bad for you, Yes Mother in Laws Are Good! is acidic like hydrogen, alkalizing your joints is of general worth, but there's more. TART CHERRY, cleanses all the stuff out of your joints, boosting strength by 80% in studies. I take it during exercise right on my joints and any other time as needed, and it's a real boost.

Click here for My Own Experience/Cautions With This Herb. While these are partially my opinions, some might be of value to you, LOL!

Tart Cherry is also a poison if used for long term use; Just a few days at a time to then let it cleanse out of my system; On other days for DOMS (muscle soreness) I take axtaxanthin, MSM, and or flax oil.These involve removing hydrogen ions that have been found to be the real cause of DOMS (not lactic acid buildup). One type of toxicity to watch for is lower back discomfort, Tart Cherry toxifies renal function. On my first use of sour cherry, it took about 11 days to show signs of the toxicity; 5 days might be best plus 5 more days to cleanse.

 I've found that green tea boosts energy fast for exercise to lower the dose of Tart Cherry, if I also am in the general area of good energy via the usual AM/PM doses of Activive and ginseng, post UDG perhaps. Don't know yet if it's a complete cure. Green tea gives energy not by caffeine, rather it boosts by nutritional value, with 1/5th the caffeine of coffee. I get a months b\worth at the discount store for about a 2$. I don't take like Lipton in the jug, it has that horrible (for me) nutrasweet or sucralose, due to MCS you may like the bags which are also cheaper or you are richer, you're both at 2x. 

  Tart Cherry (with Activive or U.D.G. or etc.) removes all the remaining CFS discomfort, and it also removes neural CFS symptoms, that is it's non edgy, etc. 5 days when I need it most seems like a lot, e.g. for holiday use, with people who matter most. For the other 5 days Axtaxanthin, flax, MSM etc. may be next best  for me, and I use with Activive and U.D.G. or etc.l.

 Axthaxanthin,is considered of worth for general well being and DOMS. And while this is  more expensive than other methods there are also other options for soreness with stretches with yoga!

 Flax oil is a powerful ant inflammatory, it builds nerve and muscle in just a half an hour by way of circulation. Flax oil has ALA the master antioxidant to stop the free radicals (hydrogen ions) it recycles other antioxidants, it even recycles itself. You can get it in capsules that isn't rancid like before, Rexall flax oil uses a nitrogen processing method, otherwise it's rancid which may do more harm than good. Flax oil is a great feel good brain booster, but take just one cap at a time since large doses over time may cause low blood sugar (wooziness, tiredness). While flax oil has a resume like an editor of a biz resume, it's not as valuable for exercise soreness as Tart Cherry, by my own method. Note, this is not health advice, and may not work for you. ALWAYS use more than one source before making any decision about health or fitness. See a professional before making any changes in diet or lifestyle..

WEB MD See Cautions/Warnings;




My Uno De Gato Site Cautions/How To This is also a cancer site but pertains to U.D.G.

Where To Buy;

Activive (Hello Life, Liquid Much Better! 30$ for 1 bottle, with UDG, use much less, above 4 drops AM/PM no more for the value "saved my life!")

Uno De Gato (Samento POA Cat's Claw) Nutramedix Amazon (about 30$)

Tart Cherry (Swanson's online) (6$+ S&H)

Flax Oil Rexall (3$ +S&H)

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